Important: New Rules on Amazon

I want to share this information from Jackie Weger, the founder and leader of eNovel Authors at Work.

I’m happy to be held to high standards, both as an author and an editor. I hope Amazon enforces and uses the new rules properly and doesn’t listen to the trolls out there who leave reviews just to hurt competitors.

Click here to read Jackie’s post. 

17 responses to “Important: New Rules on Amazon”

  1. Good article. Thanks for sharing, Pat. I was relieved to see that what Amazon looks for are the books with bad editing and formatting. Trolling, as we authors all know, is just that….trollling and it would be very unfair to base a book on those comments.

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    • Yes, it would. But I worry about them pulling books because of what they deem misspelling. Each time I upload a new book (or someone who has mentioned me in theirs as editor:)), ‘Zick’ always comes up as misspelled.


  2. I have mixed feelings about these new rules.

    On the one hand, I’m happy that those awful self-published will be yanked. You know the ones: they read like first drafts and are filled with errors. They make all of us Indie authors look bad.

    On the other hand, is this another way for Amazon to target Indie authors and make life difficult for us? As you know, editing a manuscript is costly and still errors sneak by. I’ve read books published by the big-shot publishing houses with errors in them. Is Amazon really going to pull those books?

    I guess I feel more discouraged than encouraged by the way this is all going. I can’t have my colleagues review my books and now I’ll have to justify dialect, foreign words, stylistic choices, and who knows what else. Will Stephen King have to do the same?

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    • I totally agree with you, Lorna, on your “other hand” point. Amazon’s Big Brother attitude has not seemingly leaked over to the top traditionally published best sellers, who, as you mentioned, also have had some errors in their books! And if, say, an author writes historical fiction and uses the vernacular of the time, would he/she be in danger of Amazon’s editorializing??

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    • I’ve heard that the areas you’ve mentioned will not be targeted. But we shall have to wait and see and watch for books that are tagged. I’m still not certain how it’s going to all shake out, but I agree, I hope it takes care of the poorly written and formatted books.

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