The Christmas Carol (Box Collection) Contest 

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 Calling all Christmas lovers!

Do you love the music of the holiday season? If so, the Authors’ Billboard needs your attention! This coming 2016 Christmas, twenty of our authors—New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers—will be putting together a multi-author box collection of brand new, never before published stories to dazzle everyone, but we require your participation.

The title of our collection will be LOVE, CHRISTMAS and the theme of this bundle will be Christmas carols. We want to use YOUR favorite holiday songs. If you and your song title are chosen, one of the 20 novellas will be dedicated to you.

Sound like fun? Please enter the contest by naming your special carols in the contest entry form by clicking here.

You may enter as many times as you like. So what are you waiting for?

Here’s what the winners will receive:

  1. Twenty winners will have his/her favorite song chosen as the title and possibly the theme for one of the novellas.
  2. That particular story will be dedicated to the winner— twenty in total.
  3. And the winners will receive a free copy of the box set (eBook only).

Ho, ho, ho! And good luck!

The authors involved in this great contest are:

Leanne Banks – NY Times & USAToday, National #1 Best-selling author

Mimi Barbour – NY Times & USA Today, Best-selling author

Nina Bruhns – NY Times & USA Today, Best-selling author

Joan Reeves – NY Times & USAToday, Best-selling author

Mona Risk – NY Times & USA Today, Best-selling author

Patricia Rosemoor – NY Times & USA Today, Best-selling author

Rebecca York – NY Times & USA Today, Best-selling author

Denise Devine – USA Today, Best-selling author

Donna Fasano – USA Today,Best-selling author

Traci Hall – USA Today,Best-selling author

Taylor Lee – USA Today,Best-selling author

Stephanie Queen – USA Today,Best-selling author

Jennifer St. Giles – USA Today,Best-selling author

Alicia Street – USA Today,Best-selling author

Ari Thatcher – USA Today,Best-selling author

Rachelle Ayala – Best-selling author

Jacquie Biggar – Best-selling author

Michele Hauf – Best-selling author

Dani Haviland – Best-selling author

Nancy Radke – Best-selling author









#Writer Wednesday: P.C. Zick

I thought I’d share an interview with me on another website featuring authors on Wednesdays.

The Little Star

“A Storyteller No Matter What I Write”

~P.C. Zick

Take a much needed sunny trip! 

We’re Florida bound this #WriterWednesday with Indie Author:

P.C. Zick

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typewriterIt’s Wednesday, and it must be time for another edition of Author Wednesday. Today we’ll take a step back to the 14th century with author Glen Craney as Kind Edward I attempts to steal Scotland. The Spider and the Stone: A Novel of Scotland’s Black Douglas chronicles the story of James Douglas as he attempts to thwart the king and keep Scotland safe from the intruders. The historical novel has been described as “A thrilling historical epic of star-crossed love and heroic sacrifice set during the Scottish Wars of Independence.” The book has received several awards, including first place Chaucer Award for Historical Fiction. It is a great honor to have Glen join me today to talk about The Spider and the Stone.SpiderEpubCover02

Hello, Glen! Welcome to Author Wednesday. Let’s start with your life as a writer. I’m always curious about the moment when writers first discover they have a ‘voice.’ When did you first discover your voice as a writer?

I came to fiction later than most novelists, following stints as a trial lawyer and a political reporter. Several years ago, I had a flirtation with the movie business after winning the Nicholl Fellowship, an award given by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences for best new film writing. Readers often tell me my novels have a cinematic quality. Perhaps that’s because I learned the craft of screenwriting first. I soon discovered it’s difficult to get any movie produced, but particularly an intelligent, sophisticated one that stays true to historical events. The original writer’s vision usually gets lost in the shuffle of multiple writers and studio demands for taking dramatic license. So, I decided to write my historical stories as books.

You’ve had a rich career. I love it when what we’ve done before coalesces into the creation of something more. Sounds as if that’s just what happened for you. Rachel Carson (Silent Spring author) said she never chose a subject because as a writer, the subject chose her. Has this ever happened to you?

The inspiration for my first three novels came in dreams. In the dream that led me to The Spider and the Stone, I was a mounted knight caught in a death struggle along a stream with a black-robed hag who attacked me with a sickle. The scene then shifted to a celebratory photograph of seven knights standing around a seated monarch. Below this tableau, a caption appeared: “Americans Aid the King at Bannockburn.”

I awoke and wrote the dream down, even though none of it made any sense. If I had heard of the Battle of Bannockburn, its significance had long since been lost to my school days. The caption and photograph were even more bizarre. Robert the Bruce won his unlikely victory against the English in 1314, nearly five hundred years before the United States was even an idea.

Two months later, I was in Scotland walking along the burn of Bannock with Stirling Castle looming in the distance. That stream looked similar to the one that had appeared in my dream. Eventually, I also came to understand the meaning of the caption suggesting that Americans aided King Robert at the battle.

That’s an incredible story. Of course, you had to write this novel. I’ve had dreams where names and scenes came to me, but nothing quite as graphic as yours. What a lovely gift given to you from somewhere! So you have the dream and some of the things start appearing in reality. That’s still a long way from writing a full-fledged epic novel. How did you make the story leap from your imagination onto the page? 

After that first trip, I traveled to Scotland twice more to visit the sites I would write about in the novel. I had assumed Robert the Bruce would be my main character. But as I drove from castles to battlefields, I began to learn more about James Douglas, the Bruce’s best friend and war lieutenant, and Isabelle MacDuff, the woman who defied her clan to crown the Bruce. These two Scot patriots took hold of my story. On my flight back to Los Angeles, I began outlining the novel. Twelve hours later, I walked off the plane with every chapter and scene planned out.

I’m impressed. The subject not only chose you, it grabbed you and held you hostage until you told the story! I see that you write mostly historical fiction. Are there certain messages or themes you try to put in every novel?

Before I tackle a subject, I apply a three-pronged test: 1) Is it a great story? 2) Will it reveal or develop some new aspect about the period or person? and 3) Will it deal with issues relevant today? If I can satisfy two of the three conditions, I know I have a novel worth writing. If I get lucky and find all three present, I’m hopeful for one of those rare books that will stand the test of time.

In my opinion, there is no higher calling for a historical novelist than to rattle the cages of the powerful and expose history’s encrusted myths and hagiographies. I prefer to accuse the victors and comfort its losers. And I never let myself forget Shakespeare’s admonition: “It is an heretic that makes the fire, not she which burns in’t.”

That’s so true no matter the genre of fiction. Speaking of genres, will you continue writing historical fiction?

Historical fiction will always be my favorite, but I’ve also written mystery-thrillers with historical themes. My most recent, The Virgin of the Wind Rose, is a dual-period thriller in which two global conspiracies, half a millennium apart, dovetail to expose the true identity of Christopher Columbus.

That sounds very interesting, Glen. Let’s talk about reviews now. What’s the best thing said about one of your books by a reviewer?

A Vietnam War veteran posted an Amazon review for The Spider and the Stone. Paraphrasing doesn’t do his words justice, so I’ll quote from his review:

“Now you must understand, moving me to tears is difficult because I am a battle hardened veteran who led the platoon credited with killing the most enemy in the 25th Division in March of 1969. No brag – just fact… but it left me somewhat emotionless. This scene touched my Scottish-American warrior’s heart.

“Glen Craney writes some of the most lucid, plausible accounts of battles whose histories and the ground often do not make sense. His accounts not only make sense but are some of the most exciting reading I have ever done. He seems to understand the relationship between battle buddies more than most authors. He beautifully presents The Bruce and The Douglas as battle buddies from their first youthful fistfight to Bannockburn. I believe him. Thank you, Glen!”


A review like that makes all the years of toil worth the effort.

It’s a fantastic review, and I’m sure it inspired you to continue on this path. Do you listen to music when you write?

While writing Spider, I listened to Loreena McKennitt, the talented Canadian musical artist who plays upon Celtic themes. I soon began to hear a movie score in my head. Each important scene fit perfectly with one of her songs: The Mummer’s Dance for the start of the Battle of Bannockburn; The Prologue for the rescue attempt at Roxburgh; the threading of Raglan Road across several incidents. I even envisioned her as the perfect choice to play Morgainne, the raven goddess who appears throughout the novel. I sent Ms. McKennitt a copy of the book with a note of thanks for the inspiration and received a nice response.

I can see this in movie form now with Loreena McKennitt providing the soundtrack. I’ll have to check her out while I’m reading The Spider and the Stone.

GlenAbout Glen: Glen Craney is a novelist, screenwriter, and journalist. He holds graduate degrees from Indiana University-Indianapolis School of Law and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. After practicing trial law, he joined the Washington, D.C. press corps to cover national politics and the Iran-contra trial for Congressional Quarterly magazine. His books have taken readers to Occitania during the Albigensian Crusade, to the Scotland of Robert Bruce, to Portugal during the Age of Discovery, to the trenches of France during World War I, and to the American Hoovervilles of the Great Depression.


The Spider and the Stone Amazon

Author website 
Twitter: @glencraney
Amazon Author Page
Goodreads Author Page 


typewriterAuthor Wednesday presents two authors today. Melissa Mayberry has visited her before to talk about her series, Mellifica. Now she’s collaborated with Travis Casey on the newly released Enemy of My Enemyfilled with suspense, action, and lots intrigue. EOME Front CoverMelissa drops by for an interview today, but first I’ll let her explain how this collaboration came about. As an author myself, I find it fascinating and inspiring that two authors can write together to create a novel. 

Welcome, Melissa! Let’s start by talking about the birth of this project with Travis Casey.

A few years ago, Travis Casey critiqued work for my first series, Mellifica. He seemed to enjoy the story, but I remained a bit skeptical of his praise. After all, that story is a young adult romance. When I returned the favor and critiqued Travis’ book, Trouble Triangle, I fell in love with a rowdy, smart-mouthed sailor named Tyler Chambers. Immediately, I noticed the quality in Travis’ work, but the complexity and depth in his characters captivated me and each week I was anxious for more.

Soon, Mellifica became a series, as did Trouble Triangle. Anyone who has finished a novel can attest to the euphoric rush. We finished our first novels around the same time and became addicted to writing and each other’s stories. At the time, my daughter started writing fan fiction with her friends. They would write one paragraph and the other person would write the next. I liked that idea, but on a less complicated scale. Every writer I know has their “writing bestie” and it wasn’t difficult to know who to pitch this idea to.

Travis accepted the idea as a challenge, and I dug through my list of ideas and proposed the idea for Enemy of My Enemy. Neither of us had written action, but both of us could write a rich character. We created characters for each other, and Travis assigned me to the sass-mouthed Gemma Gage. She was a materialistic woman who ignored a very complex and organized crime spree, simply to reap the rewards. My biggest challenge was that I actually hated the idea of her and her shallow ways. Bringing life, depth, and personal growth to this character took a lot of work. Eventually, I learned to love Gemma Gage and allowed her to survive to the end of the book.

Thaddeus Kline was the project I gave to Travis. After writing such a naughty character in his first series, I threw him a curveball with Thad. Sure, Thad has an agenda to kill, but deep down he was a good guy pressured into a dreadful situation. Thad isn’t a born killer, but he is a quick study when he needs to avenge his woman.

Co-writing this book was a lot like reading a new book. I had a basic idea of who this character was, but no idea how Thad would handle Gemma. Most of the time, I had no idea what Gemma’s responses would be.

Fortunately, sparks between Thad and Gemma flew faster than bullets from an ugly gun.


So you began by creating characters for each of you to use in the story. That’s a very intriguing way to start, and it focused on both of your strengths. You said you’ve been writing for a few years now, but when did you first discover your voice as a writer?

In high school, I was a writer for the school paper. Seems silly now, years later, but my creative work was always picked by the editor. Of course, that piqued the artist in me, and I wrote a lot of short stories. Life got in the way, so I stopped writing for a while, and my first novel came to me, and I had no choice but to write again.

And thus began your life as an author. Do you have any writing rituals?

The one that most people find surprising is closing my eyes. Reading my books, you get a lot of personal information, whether you know it or not. When I’m dishing out the embarrassing stuff, I type with my eyes closed.

That’s good. Anything to get it down on the page! Do you have a vision of yourself as a writer?

I often think of writing as an outlet—a stress relief. Not only does work and family stress me, but a story rattling around in my head put a certain pressure on me, and I can’t stop until I’ve let it out. Sometimes, it’s a problem when I have a lot of stories on my mind and no time to write.

Yes, I get grouchy when I can’t write my stories. When things are stressful, I’m often asked, “How can you write during this time?” How can I not write during stressful times? It takes my mind off the reality of my days. You both switched genres with Enemy of My Enemy, to a genre unfamiliar to you and Casey. Why did you decide to try for a thriller? 

When Travis agreed to write with me, we wanted to do something fun. Something with a back and forth banter, but could eventually bring the characters together. Two people that were leery of each other, but with a common goal that fit nicely into an action novel.

Interesting process. I’m a little envious of this collaboration! Do you have a favorite character from this novel?

Well, I created Thad, and Travis created Gemma, but then I had to write Gemma, and he had to write Thad. So, yeah, I do love Thad. I’m all about a gentle bad-boy.

That’s a very attractive proposition for sure. I really love how you came up with the concept. Now, what about the title. How did you choose it?

I have a file of book names that I think of and then build a plot around the title. I don’t remember how this particular name came to me, but Travis liked it, and we made a plot together.

How long do you estimate it took you to take this book from your decision to do this project together to a finished, published novel?

It’s been in the works for a few years. Travis and I had other projects that we worked on and then came back to this one.

Is the book traditionally or self-published? 

We went with self-publishing. Although my publisher is great with the other books, we wanted something we had full control and say over.

That’s what I love about being an Indie Author, too. What is the best thing someone could say about this book?

Oh, I love hearing that it’s fun to read. Writing Enemy of my Enemy was entertaining, and we want our readers to have a good time reading it.

Let’s talk about how it actually worked with the collaboration. The idea came from you, but what about the execution of it? 

Travis and I had very different opinions about this. We have similar writing styles, but very different imaginations. But when it comes down to it, we both write off the cuff, so even our own conceptions changed when the story progressed.

Who is the antagonist in this book?

Bruce Gage. I’m laughing thinking of him because I remember how much Travis hated him from the beginning. Bruce was just a character that you love to hate.

Without giving us a spoiler, tell us a little bit about your favorite scene in Enemy of My Enemy.

I love Gemma’s opening scene. Gemma was being held captive in an unconventional way but Thad inadvertently took care of the problem was pretty cute during that scene.

Thank you for stopping by today, Melissa. I enjoyed learning about how this book came to be. You and Travis are very fortunate to have found in one another kindred writing souls.


About Melissa Mayberry: In a series of ironic events, Mellifica presented to Melissa Mayberry in such a way that she had to dust off her writing skills and put the story to paper. The story soon became her passion and rekindled her love of writing. Living in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, Melissa works full time as a nurse, student, and mother. Her past will haunt her until the story is told.

610py-pa9bl-_ux250_About Travis Casey: Travis was brought up in Midwest America before embarking on a nine-year Navy career that allowed him to travel the world and learn about life. He has ping-ponged across oceans moving from mainland United States to Hawaii, to Scotland, to Seattle, to England, to Minnesota, to…

His writing is light-hearted fiction writing comedic novels with humor being the focal point binding his stories together. He has written Tyler’s Trouble Trilogy, which comprises three stand-alone novels. The first in the series is Trouble Triangle, a romantic comedy. Followed by the sequel, Oceans of Trouble, where the adventure continues to the Far East in this suspense novel. His third novel, Forbidden Trouble, follows the natural progression into a romance but retains the humor and suspense that readers enjoy in Casey’s writing.

An international move from England to Minnesota inspired the satirical memoir, Foreigner In My Own Backyard. Following that, Travis released the sequel, Foreigner On My Own Front Porch. This real life series takes a humorous look at the American lifestyle as he repatriates himself to the United States after living in England for the past twenty years.


Facebook Fan Page 

Enemy of My People – Amazon



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typewriterWelcome to Author Wednesday. Jennifer Kibble sits down for an interview today to talk about her new fantasy adventure for young adults, Mages of Vane. It’s the second book in her Phoenix Element series.  Here’s her enticing invitation to the book:  Anya is attending the Vane Magic School, not by choice, but she soon fits right in. The mages did free her of a powerful entity after all. Or did they?Phoenix2_6x9

Hello, Jennifer and welcome to Author Wednesday. Your new book sounds exciting, but let’s start by talking about you and your writing rituals. Do you have anything special you do when you write?

Music is key for me. For my current project, I am handwriting the entire draft before typing it out. Not only do I need music playing in my ears, but the right blue pen to jot it all down.


That’s unique. I sometimes write on a legal pad with a sharpened pencil to get my juices flowing. Now that you’ve published Mages of Vane, what are you working on?

Reality Break will be the third book in the Phoenix Element series. It starts a few weeks after the events in Mages of Vane. Characters will be broken in this book. Not sure if they can be put back together or not yet. The eBook cover for Reality Break is already finished, and you can click here to see it.

What’s your one sentence pitch for Mages of Vane?

The magical world is about to be shaken up.

How did you choose the title?

I wanted to keep it simple. Mages of Vane takes place at a magic school called Vane, where mages reside. Straight to the point. I stuck with this title from the get-go.

Simple and concise–always best! How long do you estimate it took you to take the book from an idea to a finished, published?

About two and a half years. The idea itself has been in my head longer than that.

I’m glad you finally got it out. Is the book traditionally or self-published?

I went with self-publishing for the second book in the Phoenix Element series. I learned a lot from my last publication. Some of which I did want to repeat and other aspects that I did not. I feel that self-publishing I have more control over my work.

Since you’re writing for young adults, what message did you want to convey with  Mages of Vane?

You can run but eventually, your problems will have to be faced head on.

Without giving us a spoiler, tell us a little bit about your favorite scene in this book.

The monologue that describes who and what Kasiff is. I had written that piece years before I started to write the Phoenix Element series. I’m glad that I was finally able to use it.

What else do you want readers to know about your book?

Even though Mages of Vane is part of a series, it can still be read as a standalone. While at Vane, Anya will learn more about her magic as well as just how far some people will go for power. There is an epic battle scene between mages and sacrifices made. But maybe you shouldn’t listen to me, but to the one who lived it.

Anya: I still don’t understand why it was so important for Raine to find out why my clothes don’t burn when I use my fire magic. Of everything magical, that was one of the last things that I thought about.

Jen: Excuse me, can you get back to the question?

Anya: Oh yeah, right …so Vane. Great school but it can be creepy. Most of the mages are nice and then you have those who are so cryptic, that you need a translator. And there was a lot of monotony. I mean how many times did I have to go over aura techniques? I swear, my teacher was just being cruel. But I don’t want to get started on him. You’ll know who he is once you meet him. At least I got to meet a few interesting people while at Vane. A butterfly that could talk, a walking cousin of a tree…oh and don’t worry, those you’ve met in the past show up as well. Not everyone, but a few. It was a blast up until everything went downhill.

Thank you for stopping by today, Jennifer! Warm wishes for the successful completion of the next book in the series. I hope you’ll come back when it’s published.

9421_1243985577174_1155394466_30750194_4433111_nAbout Jennifer Kibble:  Jennifer is a geek at heart. She has used this love for video games, reading, the fantasy and science fiction world, and used it to help fuel her passion for writing. Her career as a writer turned serious after a trip to witness the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery. This set into motion the mind set to do what she loves. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys playing video games, reading, playing D&D, and listening to music.

Phoenix Element came across in an interesting way. Jennifer would have the same type of dreams and characters since she was a young girl. One day she decided to use those characters in a story. Of course with most characters, they take over the story and lead the writer instead of the writer telling the characters what to do.

Parts of Phoenix Element started out as a series of short stories known as “The Eternal Nine Key Barriers (E9KB)” back in middle school. This branched off as a role-playing story on a message board. Later on, Phoenix Element started to grow into its own and became what it is today.

Normality Twisted is the first book in the Phoenix Element series. As all series go, you have to start somewhere. This is the start of JB’s adventure as she learns that she has magical powers and is the reincarnation of a princess from another planet, Anya. JB tries to separate real life from her magical one, so she takes the name of Anya. She soon discovers that an entity from her past life still clings on and wants to take control of Anya’s body.

Mages of Vane starts off in the school for mages. The entity known as Ashima is no longer screaming within Anya’s mind. Anya now begins her new life learning about magic, auras, and making new friends. Unbeknownst to Anya, she stands at the cusp of a war that has been brewing for centuries.

The mages of Vane must protect their home and school from The Order of Blood and their hidden leader. If Vane falls, other worlds will follow suit.

Links to purchase Jennifer’s books and connections on social media (click below)

Mages of Vane – Amazon

Normality Twisted – Amazon

Amazon Author Page


Facebook Fan Page


Melissa Foster’s Remington World – #NewReleases

I’m very excited to be a part of this new wave of Melissa Foster’s Remington World, published in Amazon’s Kindle World division! Seventeen new contemporary romances, released today, feature appearances from at least one of the characters from Melissa’s series on the Remington family. 

Check out Melissa Foster’s Remington Kindle World Launch Party

March 2 – 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (PST) or Noon-9 p.m. (EST)

Meet all the authors, including Melissa, and enter to win lots of prizes.


graphic for all books 3-1-16

My Kindle World contribution, Love on the Wind, stars Kiley Nelson and Jeff Hammond, who meet through Melissa’s characters Sage and Siena Remington.  

RemingtonsPCZickwlogoAbout Love on the Wind

Six years of traveling for her television series has left host Kiley Nelson longing for a place to call her own. Spending a weekend at her girlfriend’s beach house is the perfect reprieve, especially when she purchases property to finally settle down. But her peaceful escape is shaken when she smashes into a car containing the sinfully sexy and infuriated passenger, Jeff Hammond, who immediately melts her heart.

Jeff, staying at his friend’s Montauk home to relax after a trying week of building a home for a spoiled diva, doesn’t count on sharing his weekend with the flaky, yet incredibly sexy, Kiley. He agrees to build her house, despite the tug on his heart as Kiley turns him on in every delicious way.

Passionate weekends and shared dreams begin to shape the house they start to build together. As their relationship deepens, so do the wounds from past hurts, rousing ghosts from Jeff’s traumatic past. When a summer storm rolls in at the nearly complete house, they’re forced to deal with the past before it shakes and cracks the very foundation they’ve built.


THE REMINGTONS started with Melissa Foster’s original series featuring alpha heroes and their sexy, empowered women. They’re a lovable, funny, and sometimes stubborn family based in New York City and vicinity who find love and adventure with equally passionate partners.

Start with the original series by Melissa Foster:


Game of Love

Stroke of Love

Flames of Love

Slope of Love

Read, Write, Love

Touched by Love

Then move on to these amazing Remington reads from Kindle Worlds:

March 2016 Release:

Blush of Love – Rachelle Ayala

A hot New Year’s Eve date with bad boy Gunner Gibson leaves Safire wondering if it’s love at first blush or something more sinister.

City of Love – Kaira Rouda

Charlotte’s heart is empty in the new life she’s living. Will Hale help her discover their own city of love?

Cooking up Love – Stacey Wallace

Unlucky in love, Chef Fabiana and Firefighter James discover that together they can turn up the heat without getting burned.

Could This Be Love – Kathy Ivan

When fate reconnects ex-lovers, the lies that tore them apart are exposed. Will they destroy their second chance at happiness?

Crazy Love – Calinda B

A wicked slash from a tiger’s claw, followed by a rock star’s kiss…will the kiss erase years of devastating heartache?

Faith in Love – C.M. Albert

Sparks fly when philanthropist Egan MacGuire meets healer Celeste St. Angelo. Despite their painful pasts, can they find faith in love?

Give In To Love – Natasha Brown

Together they have the power to aid villages, but do they have the inner strength to give in to love?

Harvesting Love – Christine Cunningham

William never forgot the shattered look in her eyes when he lied and said, “No Beatrice, I don’t love you.”

Love in the City – Zoe York

NYPD detective Daniel DeCecco didn’t want to fall hard for his best friend’s little sister. But Lucy has a plan.

Love on Fire – Margaret Taylor

Can Mollie’s week get any worse? A snow storm, a fire, and a hot firefighter determined to save her! What could go wrong!?

Love on the Wind – P.C. Zick

As Jeff builds Kiley’s dream house, they must also build a strong foundation for their new love before it crumbles in the wind.

Nailed by Love – Kelly Collins

Finding activist Charlotte Cruise chained to his construction site door changes Brock’s day. Will her antics change his life?

Pitching for Love – Amy Manemann

The game just went from saving his career, to pitching for love.

Race of Love – Melissa McClone

Bree’s only hope to stay on the US Ski Team lies in the hands of the one man she doesn’t trust.

Recipe for Love – Jamie Lee Scott

Diem’s cupcake bakery is the only thing she has time for, until mogul Sterling Crew enters life. Will he be the icing?

Revived by Love – Stacy Eaton

It took a single kiss to revive Mark and Joanne, but will it be enough to save Joanne’s son’s life?

Some Kind of Love – Magan Vernon

A jam maker and a winery owner try to find the sweet side of love.

Tracks to Love – Abbie St. Claire

Can Tate mend his own heart when he races his car right through Willow’s? Or will their relationship stall?

May 2015 Release:

A Texas Kind of Love – by Melissa Storm

Cured by Love – by Stacy Eaton

Leap, Laugh, Love – by Rachelle Ayala

Love Me, Love Me Not – by Elena Aitken

Love on the Record – by Zoe York

Love on the Rocks – by Elle James

Pulled by Love – by Amy Manemann

Spotlight on Love – by Kaira Rouda