I’m very excited to announce the release of this box set filled with thirteen novels from thirteen different authors. Each steamy romance is the first book in a series from the individual author. It’s exciting because you might discover a new bestselling author in this set, knowing that there are more books to read by your new discovery!

Love your romance with variety? Love the joy of knowing you’re finding a brand new series with more fab books to follow?

FIRST GLANCE gives you THIRTEEN, very different, exciting series for you to fall in love with! There’s something for every taste in these THIRTEEN romances from USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors. From light paranormal, to Motorcycle Club romantic suspense, to New Adult, reunited first loves and sports and even a taste of forbidden love. First Glance has it all: sexy heroes and smart heroines in love stories to make you cheer, sigh, and beg for more.

And the best part? The whole set is only $0.99 for a limited time.

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Here’s a peek at what you’ll find in this set.

First Glance - Kimmie EasleyX Marks the Spot – Kimmie Easley – When her family comes under fire, Jolene rushes home to save the MC, only to find that her ex, Ronin, is wanted for murder. Can Jolene let go of their tortured past in order to save their future?

First Glance - Diane RinellaIt’s a Marshmallow World – Diane Rinella – Once upon a time, Darla was given a mystical gift, along with an ominous message. Now, meeting Chris puts her head in a spin. Could it be that gift from long ago holds the key to their happiness?

First Glance - Marcia JamesRacing Hearts – Marcia James  – Stock car legend, Tom “Torque” Tyler, faces a bleak future following a traumatic head injury and seizures. Determined to drag her high-school crush from his self-imposed solitude, service dog trainer, Meg Klein, and a tiny but talented seizure response dog bring Tom hope and love.

First Glance - Kelly Colllins_edited-1Just Dessert – Kelly Collins – A chance meeting, a book club, and a penchant for dessert will change everything.


First Glance - Abbie St. Claire - ConflictedConflicted On 5th Avenue – Abbie St. Claire – Chance made them neighbors. Chemistry made them lovers. Will fate make them a family?


First Glance - Michele Shriver (1)Playing for Keeps – Michele Shriver – Hockey star Colton Tremblay’s bad-boy reputation got him traded from Montreal to the expansion San Antoio Generals. As a female reporter, Maya Dominguez can’t afford distractions from the players she’s assigned to report on, but Colton is used to getting what he wants. Can he persuade Maya that this time, he is playing for keeps?

First Glance - PerfectionPerfection – J.L. Campbell – A girl, a guy, a toddler, a pesky ex. Will love triumph over adversity? Natasha and Karim have been burned a time or two, and are giving relationships a break, but their fascination with each other is stronger than their willpower. Natasha must put aside her mistrust of the opposite sex and Karim has to spill his secrets, before they explode and kill his chances with Natasha, who makes him want things he’s sworn to give up.

First Glance - Aubrey WynneA Medieval Encounter – Aubrey Wynne – Without the use of magic, court wizard Rolf must convince Melissa their love is genuine in order to lift a centuries old enchantment before time runs out.

First Glance - P.C. ZickBehind the Altar – P.C. Zick – All seems perfect in Leah’s life until tattoo artist Dean rides his Harley into her heart. Dean is drawn to Leah’s natural beauty and genuine goodness, but Leah’s engagement to Dean’s brother stands in the way. The more they fight the attraction, the harder it is to stay apart.

First Glance - Casey ClipperSilent Love – Casey Clipper – Navy SEAL vet Sean is finally ready to trade in his playboy lifestyle for a serious relationship. He thinks he’s found the perfect woman in Beth—but will her painful past cut their blossoming love short?

First Glance - Rachelle AyalaTaming Romeo – Rachelle Ayala – Evie Sanchez is recovering from heartbreak when she runs into Romeo Garcia, the boy she left behind. Now a movie star, Romeo never understood why Evie stood him up. He whisks her away on his motorcycle and reignites her love with romance and adventure. Is the fantasy real or revenge? Evie and Romeo are about to discover if their buried feelings will explode in pure delight or utter disaster.

First Glance - Susan Ann WallThe Sound of Consequence – Susan Ann Wall – When Stacie Nightingale starts her new life in Seattle, she doesn’t expect one unexpected night of passion with her new neighbor Owen Landry to change her life forever. She’ll face her own trauma and accept Owen’s sordid past to finally find happiness – and love.

First Glance - Bonnie EdwardsBody Work – Bonnie Edwards – Lisa Brady Delaney left Tyce Branton in her rearview mirror. Years later, she needs his help. But is she the girl he remembers or an independent beauty who’ll never need him again?



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Grab your copy today!



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