Head to the Mountains

Missing the Smokies

This year marks the first one in eight that we haven’t spent the late spring settling into our cabin near Murphy, North Carolina. We sold the cabin in November, and while the best decision for us, I can’t help but sigh wistfully when I think about the majestic beauty of the Smoky Mountains.

We’ll go there sometime this summer but only for a short visit because we have too many other places to go. Major decisions are often bittersweet, and this is one of them. Bitter in that we’ll miss many of our favorite things about spending our summer there. Sweet in that we have more freedom to do what we want. The cabin and its prolific garden kept our calendar and dictated our travels. I’ll take the bitter because the sweet outweighs it all.

Celebrate Summer with Sweet Romances

As I fondly remember our life in the mountains, I cherish the memories of writing my four Smoky Mountain novellas in my little office perched in the trees on our small mountain.

From March 20-27, Smoky Mountain Romances – Four Stories of Love and Family will be discounted from $8.99 to $2.99 on Kindle. Four complete books with four different love stories set in a small rural community nestled in southwestern North Carolina. Grab your copy today.

New Cover

I made a decision to redesign the cover of my new release The Grateful Fates before it releases on April 4, 2023. Ada Frost took my idea and gave it the celebratory mood I wanted. Some of the topics within the novel may be dark but there is light within the story. Check it out.

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