I started writing romances in 2014 to try something different from the very serious contemporary fiction with environmental themes and emotional roller coast rides. I found that what started as a fun way to explore a different form of expression turned into something more. I love the genre of romance. I adore inventing new characters with complications that all lead to the happy ending readers expect in a romance. Since then I’ve written six romances, some sweet, some a little sexy, and one or two a little steamy. Don’t worry – I give ‘blush’ warnings as needed in my book descriptions!

I’ve also joined forces with some very talented romance authors to bring a variety of stories together in several different box sets. This experience has been a wonderful way to meet other writers and to share in the sometimes confusing and complicated world of marketing for the Indie Author.

Behind the Love Trilogy

Smoky Mountain Romances

Other Romances

Multi-Author Box Sets

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