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I wanted to share this post with all of my writer and reviewer friends. As both, I appreciate Julie Whiteley’s insight.

Julie Whiteley is a highly rated Goodreads and Amazon Reviewer with  one thousand+ Reviews posted on Amazon and Goodreads. Julie has gone upmarket with her blog with a new design: The Book Review. …

Source: Book Reviews: The Good ~ The Bad ~ The Ugly « eNovel Authors at Work – A Resource for Indie Writers


I’m happy to announce the release of a new box set in collaboration with nine other authors. The box set may be pre-ordered now for $0.99. Release date is November 7. It is also in Kindle Unlimited so KU members can read for free!

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Shades of Love

Love knows no boundaries and bridges the gap between creed and culture.

Whether prince or pauper, beauty or beast, cupid entangles unsuspecting hearts. From the exchange of a glance to the throes of romance, follow these couples as they discover that love has no limits. Indulge your taste for adventure with ten diverse tales from familiar and exotic parts of the globe.

Shades of Love is brought to you by a select group of ten award-winning and best-selling writers, whose stories feature couples who close the cultural divide through their love.

Synopsis of



CLAIMING LANA, Reana Malori. Sworn enemies or passionate lovers? When forced to work together, Jake and Lana find just what they need.

CALIENTE NIGHTS, Suzette Riddick. One Cuban. One African American. Will attraction win out?

THE BLIND SHOT, J.L. Campbell. Strangers in a strange land can’t help what happens naturally despite opposition to their love.

WHEN EAST MEETS WEST, Annamaria Bazzi. Italian and Lebanese cultures clash into love.

WOULD SMELL AS SWEET, Janae Keyes. A passionate thrillercan one stalker end the perfect romance?

POSTCARDS FROM HAVANA, Toye-Lawson Brown. A trip to Cuba and a return to home bring a couple to their destiny.

THIRD BASE, P.C. Zick. Puerto Rican and Italian cultures collide but can’t stop the passion.

THE BEST GAME, Hebby Roman. A return home starts the chase to make romantic dreams come true.

SMALL TOWN BOY, Caroline Bell-Foster. First loves reunite despite conflicting careers.

SOMETIMES MONEY AIN’T ENOUGH, Stacy-Deanne. A powerful woman finds out money can’t buy love.


Reana Malori is an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of sensual and contemporary romance. She weaves stories that pull the reader into her world and to share in her universe, even if only for a short time. Her stories feature women you’d love to hang out with and men who love them with everything they have.


Suzette Riddick enjoys writing romance novels with real life situations readers can relate to. She’s an Amazon bestselling author of African American Romance. In 2013, she was nominated for an Emma Award and was a featured author in USA Today ~ Happy Ever After.


J.L. Campbell is an award-winning, Jamaican author who writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, sweet romance, women’s fiction, as well as new and young adult novels. She is a certified editor, who also writes non-fiction.


Annamaria Bazzi – Love is an important part of life, not just something to be experienced but also to be read. After thirty-one years of marriage, and still going strong, Annamaria Bazzi believes in the happily ever after. This strong belief transcends into her romance novels—every person deserves his and her own happy ever after. Annamaria writes contemporary romances to bring new love experiences to her readers. She also writes young adult sci-fi/fantasy and dabbles in paranormal short stories.


Janae Keyes – Janae Keyes is an American mom, wife, and hopeless romantic living in Europe. She loves to explore various cultures coming together through the magic of love. Residing in a suburb of Brussels, Belgium, with her husband and daughter, Janae loves to share her passion for romance with others.


Toye-Lawson Brown is an Amazon bestselling author of multicultural romance novels. In 2014 she was nominated by the B.R.A.B Book Club for Breakout Author of the Year.


P.C. Zick – Bestselling and award-winning author, P.C. Zick, creates contemporary romances with a social consciousness. She describes herself as a storyteller no matter what she writes. Strong female leads, handsome and heroic men, and descriptive settings grace more than a dozen published novels.


Hebby Roman is a New York traditionally published, small-press published, and Indie published #1 Amazon best-selling author of both historical and contemporary romances. Her book, BORDER HEAT, was a Los Angeles Times Book Festival selection. She has been a RONE Finalist three times and in three different categories.


Caroline Bell Foster is an internationally bestselling, multi award-winning British author of diverse romantic fiction and named as one of the most influential people in culture & entertainment in the East Midlands, England.


Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) is an award-winning author of sensual romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and women’s fiction books. She’s written Amazon Top 100 bestsellers, and her work has been praised and reviewed in USA Today numerously. Stacy’s books are full of passion, thrills, intriguing characters and so much emotion you can’t get enough! If you want something different and unpredictable then definitely check out her work.


Synopsis of

Romance! Mystery! Comedy! Science Fiction! Dystopia! Horror! Thriller! Historical! Memoir and more…

Carol Ervin's Author Site

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Today I’m featuring books by independent authors, something for everyone, a few ebooks that are free and the rest at low prices. I consider these authors friends and collaborators, a great bunch of people with interesting ideas and the bravado to go indie. Scroll down, click the title links to Amazon, download the samples and find your next read! Most are also available in paperback. And check out the super-talented author/artist/editor who created the indie graphic: Lindy Moone.

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I’m excited to be a part of the Indie BookFest 2017 in Orlando, Florida, September 28-30. To attend as a reader or fan, tickets are still available!


Over eighty fabulous authors, panels and workshops for both authors and readers . . . two
amazing parties and a huge signing . . . where in the world can you find all of this awesomeness
in one event?

Indie BookFest, of course!

This premier author-reader event, in its fifth year in central Florida, takes place September 28 th
through October 1 st at the Westin Lake Mary.


Indie BookFest is the only non-organization- affiliated author event to offer a dedicated Industry
Day, with representatives from a variety of service companies presenting workshops,
participating in panels and meeting with authors. This year, industry reps include those from
Written Word Media, Draft2Digital, Robin Reads, Bublish and more.

But IBF isn’t simply an author education conference. We also offer an entire evening and day of
Reader Appreciation panels and presentations—PLUS FanFare, an evening where the authors
entertain the readers.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a three-hour signing that is free and open to the public, on
Saturday from three to six.

Tickets to Indie BookFest 2017 are available now. There are several options for readers and for
attending authors:

–INDUSTRY DAY Ticket: This option provides admittance to and participation in all the
panels and workshops offered on Friday, September 29 th . Topics will apply to both new and
established authors, as well as to others in the publishing field. This ticket allows attending
authors and those interested in exploring the possibility of authorhood to participate in the entire
weekend; it also includes FanFare, Reader Appreciation Day participation, the signing and
Saturday night party. Thursday night’s Dinner with the Authors is not included.

–VIP TICKET: This option provides admittance to and participation in all aspects of Indie
BookFest, including access to the entire weekend EXCEPT the Thursday night dinner (available
at an additional charge), including the Green Room, all panels, workshops, parties and signings.
VIP ticket holders also receive a special VIP swag bag.

–GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET: This option includes access to FanFare on Friday night,
reader workshops and panels on Saturday, the three-hour signing on Saturday, and the Saturday
night party, as well as access to the Swag Tables.

–YOUNG AUTHOR EVENT: The Young Author session will take place Saturday, September
30, from 9:30-11 AM. Attendees must be under 18 to attend. A panel of authors will lead the
workshop, which will explore all nuances of writing and publishing a book. Very Important:
This is an add-on ticket to the main event. You must purchase either a general admission/VIP
or Industry Day ticket to add this event.

— THURSDAY NIGHT DINNER WITH THE AUTHORS: Join authors from Indie BookFest
2017 as we kick off the event with a lovely buffet meal in a beautiful setting.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit our website and Eventbrite page.


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Today marks the 36th anniversary of my father’s death.

He passed away around noon on August 29, 1981. I find it difficult to comprehend–how could it be so long ago when it seems as if we last spoke only yesterday? But it has been that long. Recently, I wrote about the months leading up to his death because of the serendipity of life. I’m honored to have been a part of the circle of life as my family struggled to accept the passing of our leader. Here’s the story of that time.

I love you, Dad, and always will.


Written in 2017

One week in May in 1981, my family went from the depths of sorrow to the heights of joy.

It all began on Mother’s Day. But, in actuality, serendipitous events swirled behind the scenes unbeknownst to us gathered at my parents’ house to celebrate my mother. I had been married for a year, and our carefully plotted life did not include children …not yet. We had other things to accomplish first.

We posed for various photos, and in all of them, my father is pale, and his shoulders droop. He had been suffering from a nasty cold for weeks and he’d been unable to shake it.

“We’ll call the doctor tomorrow,” my mother assured me. “Don’t worry. He probably just needs some vitamins.”

The next day my mother called after his appointment.

“The doctor wants to run some tests.” No. I didn’t want this news, and I certainly didn’t need to hear the rest. “The doctor wants them done in the hospital.”

We had a diagnosis within days of his hospitalization.

Liver cancer. Three months to live at the most so far had the cancer advanced. They could only give him small doses of chemotherapy, which would allow us the summer with him. It wasn’t a cure, the doctor warned. It was simply a prolonging of the inevitable. The cancer had progressed speedily without detection, and within days, my father faced the end of his life.

I cried with my mother and my brothers. I threw up. Then I cried some more. We all hugged and wept. And when I wasn’t doing all those things, I longed to crawl in bed and sleep. Grief gripped me, but I fought to remain strong. My mother found me in the waiting room of the hospital nearly asleep one afternoon.

“Could you be pregnant?” my mother asked exactly one week after Mother’s Day.

“No way.” I huffed at the question. Pregnancy wasn’t in the plans. “Why would you ask me that?”

“Every time someone hugs you, you cringe as if your breasts are tender. Same thing always happened to me during the first months of my pregnancies with you five kids.”

I looked at my mother. Could she be losing her mind over the grief of losing her husband of forty-five years? I certainly questioned her grip on reality. How could she be thinking of my tender breasts at a time like this?

Tender breasts. That gave me pause. My breasts had been terribly sensitive during all the hugs and embraces during the past few days—meaningful hugs from my aunts to convey their sympathy.

My mother smiled at me—the first smile I’d seen in a week of tears.

All my symptoms, suddenly took on a new significance. I couldn’t keep food down. I felt nauseous all day. And then I remembered the most important one of all. My period was two weeks late.

The next day I went to the clinic to be tested. In those days, we didn’t have the pee sticks purchased at the corner drugstore. I had to pee in a cup and wait hours for the results. I filled out a form when I arrived. The final question asked on the little piece of paper, “What will you do if you’re pregnant?”

Suddenly, the last thing I wanted before that moment became the thing I wanted more than anything else. I knew exactly what to write on the form.

“I’ll scream for joy.” Loudly.

Not only were there no quick tests in 1981, there were no cell phones, either. I called the clinic later in the day from a pay phone.

When the nurse came on the line, I impatiently went through all the details of my life to assure them of my identity. Finally, I finished.

“Well, Patricia, you can start screaming,” the nurse said.

We raced to the hospital where my father lay waiting for his first treatment. We wanted him to hear the news before anyone else.

“You’re going to be a grandfather once again.” I stood at the head of my father’s bed. His eyes filled with tears, and I heard my mother gasp.

The door opened, and my father’s cousin walked in the door.

“How are you, Harmon?” she asked.

“I’m going to have a granddaughter,” he announced. Loud and clear. We all laughed that he’d decided the sex of the child only six weeks into its gestation.

We brought my father home soon afterward. Between my brothers and mother, we rotated shifts of caring for my father. As my father’s cancer ate at his liver and the chemo prolonged his life for a few weeks, he lost his hair and his body mass. I would sit by his bed and read his favorite Bible verses to him. He reminded me of a newborn. Perhaps it was my pregnancy that made me think this way. But the skin on his face grew softer and shinier. When the pain killers worked, he lay in repose with a slight smile and blue-veined lids that reminded me of the fetus pictures I studied as my pregnancy progressed.

He did not want to talk about my pregnancy. At first, it hurt me. But then one afternoon, sitting by his side, I realized he didn’t want to talk about it because he knew he would never meet the child growing inside of me.

I sat by his bedside in those final days, watching his face change from a man dying of cancer to the face of innocence. I put my hand on his and the other hand on my belly. The life cycle beat through me to my father and to my child.

One cloudy morning in August, my father’s breathing became labored. Then, the breathing suddenly stopped. My champion and my hero was gone.

Sobbing, I walked outside. As I stepped onto the back stoop, the sun came out from the clouds and a swoosh of movement somersaulted in my womb. My baby moved inside of me for the first time.

My family assured me it had happened because of my grief.

But I knew better. And five months later, I knew for sure.

From the moment, my father made his pronouncement that I carried a girl, I always believed the same thing. I wouldn’t even consider a boy’s name.

On January 26, 1982, I pushed a baby out of my womb. When the crying bundle was placed on my chest, I discovered that my father had known what others had not.

“Welcome, Anna Christina,” I said to the granddaughter of my father. I had named her after his mother.

The birth of Anna was a serendipitous event, and one that brought much joy for my mother. Her grieving was lessened as she held the new life within hours of Anna’s birth.

Now thirty-five years later, I still feel my father’s presence. Anna, an artist, often does self-portraits, and every one of them resembles the face of my father. That’s not her intention, but she tells me it always ends up that way.

Recently, I showed a friend a photo of my father as a young man.

“It’s Anna!” my friend exclaimed.

Yes, it is. And the circle of life continues.



This essay is one of dozens in my collection of writings, which I’ve spent the summer putting together in one slender volume.

On September 5, 2017, Eclectic Leanings – Musing from a Writer’s Soul will be released. The book is a collection of my columns, essays, articles, and short stories and represents the breadth of my writing career over the past twenty years. The book is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

Click here to pre-order a copy of Eclectic Leanings.



A Perfect 10 with P.C. Zick

Source: A Perfect 10 with P.C. Zick

I’m featured on Don Massenzio’s blog today.

It’s the dog days of summer so it’s time for some sweet deals!

FREE downloads for the next two weeks for the books in the Behind the Love series

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A Perfect Ten with Staci Troilo

From one of my favorites! The creative and lovely Staci Troilo!

Author Don Massenzio

This week, I have the distinct pleasure of featuring Author and Blogger Staci Troilo on this edition of A Perfect 10.

Please enjoy this week’s edition of A Perfect 10

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Also, if you are an author and you want to be part of this feature, I still have a…

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Author Spotlight Guest Post: Effrosyni Moschoudi, “Messages From Above.”

I had to reblog this post on Colleen Chesebro’s blog. It’s written by a very sweet, kind, and generous author friend, Effrosyni Moschoudi. Enjoy her lovely account of messages from above and check out her books set on the Greek Isles.

Colleen Chesebro ~ The Faery Whisperer

Welcome to my Author Spotlight – Guest Posts

I have started a new feature on my blog, called Author Spotlight – Guest Posts. As you can see from the image above, I am looking for themed posts about fairies, myths, and magic. If you are an interested author and would like to be featured on my blog, please click HERE to find out more.

Today, I am proud to introduce you to an author who writes women’s fiction and paranormal fantasy/romance, Effrosynsi Moschoudi. Effrosynsi lives in Greece and many of her novels transport you to the Greek Isles. Be prepared to be swept off your feet. I have luxuriated in the Greek sunshine through her writing, and it is an experience you won’t want to miss.

By the way, I have read her Lady of the Pier series and fell in love with her characters. These stories…

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