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Hello! Thank you for stopping by my website.

I am a storyteller. It’s a simple concept with lots of twists and turns.

I’ve been calling myself an author since 1998. Since that time, I’ve written in a variety of genres and on a multitude of topics. It’s been a delightful journey. As the world of writing and publishing continues to change and evolve at ever increasing speeds, I find myself confused, intrigued, and confused more every day. The more I learn, the less I know.

Today, I spend most of my time writing contemporary fiction and romances. I love creating characters and writing descriptive settings.

Please wander around my website to learn more about my writing. I hope you’ll continue to come back and read my blog, featuring announcements and news from my fellow authors. Use the contact form to send me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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BTDBehind the Door – Book Four in the Behind the Love contemporary romance series. Finally, Sally Jean gets to tell her story!

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Sally Jean Compton is in love. And this time it’s with a man who isn’t in love with someone else. Dr. Brett Gorman arrives in Victory to help the veterans of Deer River with PTSD symptoms. When tragedy strikes, neither Sally Jean nor Brett are prepared for what happens next.

The shocking aftermath of the terror of PTSD untreated leaves the entire town of Victory reeling. But none are more affected than Sally Jean and Brett who must deal with their own pasts and the trauma left behind. When Sally Jean seeks out the expertise of Dr. Brett, the psychologist of the river folks, they discover an intense attraction that leads them both to learn about themselves.

But before anything happens, Sally Jean must learn she deserves to be loved, and Brett must forgive himself for the death of his friend and his sister, his wife. It’s a rocky journey to love.

Behind the Curtain is the fourth novel in the Behind the Love contemporary romance series that features sizzling attractions, dramatic confrontations, and intertwined and complicated lives. Set in the fictional small town of Victory, Florida, friends fight and love and form families of their own choosing.


Kindle (2)Love on Trial – The latest contemporary romance series by P.C. Zick begins here. The Rivals in Love series follows the Crandall siblings of Chicago. Each of them enjoys successful careers, but they forgot one thing along the way–love. Follow each one as they discover how much they’ve been missing.

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Jude Crandall brings justice to criminals as a prosecutor in Chicago. Malik Moore goes to work for a large law firm, also in Chicago. When they meet on opposite sides of the courtroom for the trial of a man who drove drunk and killed an innocent victim, the sparks fly in this sweet contemporary romance.

Jude and Malik despise one another . . .at first. But their dogs, Jude’s Clyde–a Boston terrier–and Malik’s Suzanne–a Jack Russell–fall hopelessly in love when Jude and Malik walk them in the park. Then Jude’s mother, a privileged Italian who wants her eldest child married, and Malik’s mother, an Iranian immigrant, who wants her only child married, meet while assisting Syrian refugees in Chicago.

The two are forced together by their dogs and their mothers and discover they have more in common than they realized. But first they must overcome the prejudices and stubbornness before love across the aisle can win.

Love on Trial is the first novel in the Rivals in Love sweet contemporary romance series. Rivals in Love showcases the Crandall family siblings who are all in successful careers. But they forgot one thing while becoming rising stars. They forgot all about love. Their father a U.S. Senator has aspirations for high office, but their mother, the heir to a fortune, only wants her children married and with children.


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