The Grateful Fates

Four women. Four decades of friendship. Four secrets that seal their fates.

Roxanne – the popular beauty who faces Ted Bundy and survives. But she’s left with a burning desire for revenge.

Jackie – the peacemaker who settles for a marriage of revenge that backfires. Yet, she manages to keep a secret for forty years until she’s forced to tell the whole story of her marriage to Adam.

Charlene – the smart one who makes the most unconventional choices and ends up successful. Until she faces losing her daughter to the truth.

Wendy – the broken child who rises above her abusive childhood to find her way back to the only man she ever loved. But she risks losing it all when forced to reveal her past.

Intertwined in the friendships are the men who range from the scoundrels to the heroes. The bonds between them all are tested when the past is resurrected to either destroy or uplift.

The Grateful Fates is a story of marriage and divorce; death and birth; love and hate. Four women and a lifetime of heartache leads to the fateful day when they must make the ultimate sacrifice. They must learn how to forgive.

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