The Author’s Journey: A Road Map for Writers – From Draft to Published Book

Do you want to write a book? The Author’s Journey provides the answers to all your questions about producing a book in one handy resource.

From idea to story to published book may seem like a daunting and impossible task. By taking one step at a time, author and editor P.C. Zick breaks the whole process down into doable tasks.

The book provides information on the following topics:

•Steps to preparing for the process of writing a book
•Craft, style, and mechanics of writing
•Elements of story
•How to choose the best publishing route for you
•The three major types of publishing
•Checklist for Pursuing Traditional Publishing
•Checklist for Publishing as an Indie Author
•Step-by-step guide for publishing on Amazon
•Legal Considerations for Writers
•How to start a freelance writing career
•Ways to market your book
•Appendices with sample templates, writing exercises, definitions, and resources

After publishing more than thirty books—fiction and nonfiction—and helping her clients do the same, Zick has pulled together two decades of writing and publishing know-how into a handy reference book for beginning writers. More experienced writers will benefit from this guidebook at any stage of their writing career. She starts by asking the important questions she poses to all of her potential clients to help focus choices for both creating and publishing books.

Finally, a reference book to take the mystery out of writing and publishing a book, whether through traditional channels or as an Indie Author. And if your questions aren’t answered, Zick provides a lengthy bibliography for all aspects of writing, editing, publishing, and promoting your book.

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