The More I Learn, the Less I Know


By P.C. Zick@PCZick

I’m in a very high learning curve these days as I prepare to publish my first e-book, Live from the Road.

Every time I read an article, I find one more thing I need to do. Yesterday I probably sifted through a dozen new things to add to my list. I download all the Kindle books I can on the subject, I take Writer’s Digest tutorials daily, and I’m reading other writers’ experiences on their blogs.

I tried to finish my list of things to do before the launch next week and then suddenly came across another gem of an article on ten more things I should be doing. Sigh.

The flip side: I’ve never felt more alive and excited about a project because I have total control over it! My writing isn’t suffering. I feel more creative than ever.

I am grateful to be a writer during this revolutionary time when finally writers who produce the copy are no longer at the bottom of the feeding chain.

How are you feeling about writing and publishing these days?

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