My Inspiration to Write

“The Earth laughs in flowers” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whenever I need to take a break from the computer, or I need inspiration to work on the next chapter or scene of my novel, I get up out of my chair and walk outside and adore the flowers growing abundantly this time of year. I walked around my yard this morning before the rain came snapping photos of all the flowers in bloom right now. Some were planted by us and grown from seed. Others we inherited from the previous owners. But all make me smile. I have a plaque with Emerson’s quote sitting in the middle of one of the flower beds. So true – the Earth around here is hysterical with laughter right now.

Can anyone tell me what the tall white flowers are? We have several of them around the yard. They look like yucca plants that I had in Florida, but I never saw them bloom like this.I love the morning glories – so beautiful for that brief moment of the day.Up until two months ago this spot was a pond – but a pond we couldn’t see anywhere from the house or porches. It became a mosquito breeding grounds so we filled it in. I planted these annuals for now, but in the fall I plan to sow wildflower seeds and hopefully have a nice start on growing some native plants.

I love our sunflowers. These become our bird feeders later in the summer. We have a great variety of them all around the yard and garden.And finally our front yard where we planted marigolds, dahlias, and cosmos all grown from seed.

Now that I’ve shared my little bit of beauty this morning, it’s time I settled down to write. The next chapter awaits and the flowers are quenching their thirst outside my window.

What inspires you to write?


2 responses to “My Inspiration to Write”

  1. Awh, I can see why your flowers inspire you to write. They are very pretty. Of late I have found inspiration in my dreams! I know it sounds absurd but for the past two months every night I have had a different dream and in the morning I wake up and write down what happens in them, down to every little detail. I find that my dreams are so real to me when I am sleeping and in the morning I remember every little detail. For instance last night I had a dream about an old crumbling down house which I visited and when I woke u I realised it was the perfect setting for my latest short story. It feels as though I am not making my stories up from the top of my head now, they feel far more alive. I have an image in my head of this house in my head and I know exactly how I wish to convey it in my story.Its very exciting.

    Lady Ardour


    • What a gift you are receiving right now. I’m not remembering many of my dreams at the moment – last night it was just a line I remembered. I’m sure it’s thrilling for you and glad you recognize it!


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