I’m fascinated

Today my book Live from the Road can be downloaded for free from amazon on Kindle. I thought I’d be casual about it today. On my last free day June 15, approximately 7,000 folks downloaded the book. And since then I’ve been waiting for  a multitude of things to happen either separately or simultaneously. In no particular order except how they’re popping out of my brain onto this computer screen, here they are:

  1. A Hollywood producer is one of the downloads and exclaims, to his/her significant other while reading in bed one night, “This book must be made into a movie.” (Picture Ron Howard here or until two days ago Nora Ephron)
  2. An editor at a big publishing house is one of the downloaders because she is a big fan of women’s fiction and Jack Kerouac (these women do exist – I’m living proof) and she goes to my author page on amazon and follows the link to my blog and well, the rest you can probably well imagine.
  3. After the free day, the reviews – all 5-star – begin inundating my amazon page until there are hundreds, and amazon contacts me to say my reviews have been cut off but it doesn’t matter because by then I’ll have made the Huffington Post and then #1 and #2 happen simultaneously.
  4. The book becomes No. 1 in the Kindle Contemporary Fiction list, knocking Shades of Gray right off the pedestal, and I’m being called to Good Morning America.
  5. I don’t even think about Oprah, but she’ll be there when the day arrives.

But alas, three of my free days  passed and nothing has transpired. Today is my fourth (I get a total of five) day, and I didn’t expect much, but I just checked my numbers and more than 1,000 more folks have downloaded Live from the Road. I wonder who they are and imagine them reading the book and hopefully smiling. Today I know better than to celebrate. I’ll wait to do that.

But still I wonder, who’s reading my book?


2 responses to “I’m fascinated”

  1. I imagine that it takes some time for the likes of Ron Howard to assemble a team of screen writers, investors and actors before you would even be contacted. I say hold out for the big bucks, including a percentage of all box office and dvd sales. 🙂


    • Yes, I will, and when he calls, I’ll tell him “my people” will call “his people” to set it all up. Now I just need to find some peeps. Want the job?


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