Free Day for Live from the Road – Last One!


I signed up for the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) when I published Live from the Road

in May. This program allows the author five promotional days in which to offer the book “free.” Today, July 27, is the last day for Live from the Road to be free. If you haven’t already downloaded a copy, consider doing it today. After midnight, the price goes back to $2.99.

Live from the Road has received twelve reviews so far with eleven of them ranked 5*. I hope you’ll take the time to check it out on amazon. A print version is also available if you still like to hold the book in your hands and turn pages.

Don’t forget to always get your kicks!

3 responses to “Free Day for Live from the Road – Last One!”

    • Thank you so much, Kathy! It was a good day. Doing a big promo next week. I’m also getting ready to put out a book I wrote and published in 2006, Tortoise Stew. I’m in the middle of formatting it now and should have cover design by Monday.


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