My Novel Christmas Party


By Patricia Zick @PCZick

I love Jae over at Lit and Scribbles. She always has inspiring posts such as her recent Novel Christmas Party. Today, I’m throwing a Novel Christmas Party for my novel Live from the Road.

Question:  What Christmas carol best describes Live from the Road and why?

Answer: Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer by Elmo and Patsy

I chose something that was just crazy enough to match some of the antics of the four women in the novel. This comes as close as anything. I was even more convinced after watching the video.

Jae also challenged other authors to answer a few questions about the characters of the novel who have attended a Christmas party, but in the answers, they are not allowed to kill one another.

  1. Who’s the first to show up and who’s the first to leave? Why? The first to show up would be Sally who is punctual and precise and a bit of a nerd. That’s why she would also be the first to leave the party, but only after she’d made sure all the counter tops were spotless.
  2.  Who’s the first to start a fight? Why? That would have to be CC because she’s carrying around a lot of anger that needs to be expelled. She often ends up saying things that made folks mad.
  3. Who’s the first to get drunk? Why? All four main characters, Meg, Sally, CC, and Ramona, would be the first at the party to get drunk because they like to party. They’d start with doing shots and end with doing shots, but Sally would stop in time to clean the kitchen and be sober enough to drive home.
  4. Who will enjoy the party most and who will loathe being there? Why? CC and Ramona will enjoy the party the most because they live in the moment most of the time. As long as CC can sing a song on the karaoke machine, she’ll have a blast. Meg will have the least fun because she’ll sit in a corner by herself thinking about her son and her jerk of a boyfriend.

So now, it’s your turn. What carol, even if you have to stretch a little, best describes your novel and why?

Next, imagine all your characters are attending a Christmas party where they’re not allowed to kill each other. Answer the following questions:

  1. Who’s the first to show up and who’s the first to leave? Why?
  2. Who’s the first to start a fight? Why?
  3. Who’s the first to get drunk? Why?
  4. Who will enjoy the party most and who will loathe being there? Why?

You can either tell me in the comments below or create your own post. If you do a post, call it My Novel Christmas Party and link back to this post so I can share it.

Live from the Road giveaways in December:

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Goodreads Giveaway – December 7-31 Print Edition

December 21-25 My Birthday Celebration – Live from the Road (Kindle version) will be free on to celebrate the winter holidays and my birthday on December 23. What better way to celebrate than to give something away?

I hope you’re enjoying the beauty of the season and not getting caught up in the nonsense.




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