Writing Goals for 2013


By Patricia Zick @PCZick

As the new year approaches, I’m thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2013 as an author. Perhaps if I share these goals here in a public forum there will be more chance of keeping them. I’m writing this post from the road in Florida. I’ll return home on New Years’ Eve, refreshed and recharged from time spent with family and friends and the sun. When I return, I’m hoping I’ll be ready to tackle these goals, or I could come home with a revised list after time away. Travel always helps me focus.

I accomplished many of my goals for 2012. I began writing full time. I published a novel that had languished far too long in a desk drawer (Live from the Road), I began blogging on a regular basis and developed a modest following (thank you), and I finished Trails in the Sand, which is almost ready for its big launch at the start of 2013. The only goal that didn’t occur:  I didn’t become a bestselling author. . .yet.

Writing Goals for 2013

  1. Launch Trails in the Sand. I published it on amazon and have a print copy ready to proof. I plan to do a big launch for the novel by the end of January.3-D1web
  2. Finish Safe Harbor. I started this novel in 2007 but stopped when I decided I needed to find a wildlife officer to interview. I left for the big Route 66 trip, which led to the creation of Live from the Road. When I returned from Route 66, I took a new job with Florida’s fish and wildlife agency and became very familiar with wildlife officers and experts. Now there’s no excuse not to finish the almost completed draft. I start by pulling out the spiral notebook where it’s housed and giving it a read. I always recommend that writers let pieces incubate, but five years isn’t what I meant.

    manuscript waiting for its creator
    manuscript waiting for its creator
  3. Publish a book of essays on my travels. I already have a name: Odyssey to Myself. I have most of the pieces written in various stages. It’s a matter of pulling it all together into one cohesive story of my travels from 2004-2009 as I discarded an old life and moved into a new phase.

    Santiago, Chile
    Santiago, Chile
  4. Pull together all of my gardening blog posts from my blog “Living Lightly Upon this Earth” into a book. I see it as a primer for gardening and preserving produce. Again, I have all the pieces here and there, I just need to pull it all together.

    our garden
    our garden
  5. Read the pile of books on my desk, both fiction and nonfiction. Reading is an essential part of the writing journey. How fortunate for me to have a career that requires reading for improving my craft.

    just a few books to read
    just a few books to read
  6. Establish myself as a bestselling author. Every year this one makes it to my list. Here’s to 2013 as being the year it happens. For me, this goal refers to making a living as an author. I want to be able to pay more than the electrical bill each month with the proceeds from my storytelling.madwriter


In 2012, I finally believed in my success as an author. Perhaps that’s all that matters. The realization came twice. When I finished reading the final draft of Trails in the Sand, I cried happy tears because I loved the story I created, whether anyone else did or not. The second time occurred this past week. My husband was reading. He looked up at one point and said, “Now that’s good – that’s just plain good writing.” I wasn’t sure what he meant because I wasn’t paying attention to what he was reading. When I looked at him, I saw he had the proof copy of Trails in his lap, and he was tapping his pen on words I’d written. That to me is success, but I’d still like to pay more than the electric bill with my work.

Do you set goals at the beginning of each year? Does it help keep you on track?

8 responses to “Writing Goals for 2013”

  1. I do set goals and I think it helps, especially if you write them down. Blogging too has helped me, because I have a place I feel accountable to. But let’s all set the goal to make 2013 the year of success, whether big or small. 😀


  2. Bravo! You’re well on your way, PC. Good for you for making and publicizing your goals! I do believe you have found success, but I understand what you’re saying about the electric bill. 😉

    I do not make a list, but there’s always one thing in my head; WRITE. Perhaps I need to get more specific…


    • I think you need to keep on doing what feels right. I’ve only gotten into lists in recent months because this is now my “real” job. Before my mantra was “write” now I feel I have to justify with more specific benchmarks. You’re accomplishing your goal and I’m sure you’ll continue successfully into 2013. Happy New Year.


  3. A Happy New Year to you! I am glad that you were able to accomplish some of your goals this year. I have as well but did fall short on some of them.

    I believe as you in that writing your goals down is a definitely plus but when you blog about your goals the accountability increases the chances for you to accomplish them; you are reminded by the responses to the post that you must keep focused.

    I too have been working on a novel manuscript for far too long and only have one more chapter to go until it is finished and ready for print. My editor has been patiently nudging me to finish. I have recently connected with some great women in a Mastermind Group and we have become almost like partners in each other’s various ventures and I know that they will be holding me accountable to my goals.


    • Michael, It’s true that shouting out to the world about goals increases the accountability. I think that’s why I decided to do it this year. My best to you in 2013 in your achievements.


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