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Authors Needed for Blog Hop

By Patricia Zick @ PCZick

I’ve been invited to partake in a blog-hop soon, and I need five authors to post the week after me. I’ll post your contact information on my post Jan. 31. In my post, I’ll answer ten questions about my latest work. On Feb. 7, the authors I linked in my post will do the same thing by answering the questions and posting links to five other authors. It doesn’t take much time, but it certainly helps expose your work to a wider audience.

Any authors who are interested, please send me a message via Facebook, twitter, or email at pczick@verizon.net.

I’ll be answering questions about my new novel Trails in the Sand which will be launched on Jan. 30 although it’s available on amazon.com right now.3-D1web



  1. I have a couple of author friends, with blogs, who would be interested in participating. Please advise. Thank you.


    • P. C. Zick says:

      Please have them email me at pczick@verizon.net and I’ll send them the details. I would need all their links (website, Facebook, etc.), which I’ll post in my blog Jan. 31, and I’ll send them 10 questions to answer in their own blog Feb. 7. They would then need to find 5 authors for their post on Feb. 7. Thanks for response.


  2. Gary Henson says:

    Sounds like fun. If you still need participants let me know.
    I have two ePub books out on Amazon. ‘Genome’ the novel and book one of a SciFi spoof series called ‘Arlo and Jake’.
    You can read about me and ePub journey on my blog below.
    Best of luck!


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