Goals 2013 – Mid-Year Review

By Patricia Zick @PCZick

It’s June and the mid-point for the year. I set my goals for my writing career back in January and have kept my eye on those goals as I’ve moved through the first six months of 2013. It’s helpful for me to see if I’m on track and what I need to do to meet goals not yet met. Two goals (#1 and #4 below) have been met so far this year.

Writing Goals for 2013

Goal 1: Launch Trails in the Sand. I published it on amazon and have a print copy ready to proof. I plan to do a big launch for the novel by the end of January.

As of June 9, 2013 – Trails in the Sand is published in both eBook and paperback formats. I’ve sold a mediocre amount of books through all the channels, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. However, I am pleased with the sixteen reviews received on Amazon. I can only hope that somehow through this positive reviews, I’ll find a larger audience. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to price and market. I paid for an online book tour company to organize a book tour. At first glance it feels as if I wasted money because I didn’t sell many books or gain many followers as a result of writing seven guest blogs. I think I’d organize the tour myself next time. I’m proud of the book no matter how well the sales are going and that is the most important thing (she tells herself endlessly).

Florida's sea turtles saved from oil spill in Trails in the Sand
Florida’s sea turtles saved from oil spill in Trails in the Sand

Goal 2: Finish Safe Harbor. I started this novel in 2007 but stopped when I decided I needed to find a wildlife officer to interview. I left for the big Route 66 trip, which led to the creation of Live from the Road. When I returned from Route 66, I took a new job with Florida’s fish and wildlife agency and became very familiar with wildlife officers and experts. Now there’s no excuse not to finish the almost completed draft. I start by pulling out the spiral notebook where it’s housed and giving it a read. I always recommend that writers let pieces incubate, but five years isn’t what I meant.

As of June 9, 2013 – I’ve decided to rename it, either Native Love or Native Harbor. What do you think? I haven’t done much on this book, but feel I’ve been incubating ideas the past few weeks. I’m ready to start working on it full time.

Goal 3: Publish a book of essays on my travels. I already have a name: Odyssey to Myself. I have most of the pieces written in various stages. It’s a matter of pulling it all together into one cohesive story of my travels from 2004-2009 as I discarded an old life and moved into a new phase.

As of June 9, 2013: I haven’t done anything on this book yet. This goal may be pushed to 2014 so I can get my next novel published this year.

Goal 4: Pull together all of my gardening blog posts from my blog “Living Lightly Upon this Earth” into a book. I see it as a primer for gardening and preserving produce. Again, I have all the pieces here and there, I just need to pull it all together.

As of June 9, 2013: I’m happy to say that I’ve accomplished this goal. From Seed to Garden is now available as an eBook on Amazon.

From Seed to Garden
From Seed to Garden

Goal 5:  Read the pile of books on my desk, both fiction and nonfiction. Reading is an essential part of the writing journey. How fortunate for me to have a career that requires reading for improving my craft.

As of June 9, 2013 – Working my way through the pile on my desk and on my Kindle. I’ve been very good about not buying new books so I can catch up on what I have already purchased.

Goal 6:  Establish myself as a bestselling author. Every year this one makes it to my list. Here’s to 2013 as being the year it happens. For me, this goal refers to making a living as an author. I want to be able to pay more than the electrical bill each month with the proceeds from my storytelling.

As of June 9, 2013 – Still working on this goal. I believe with perseverance, my passion will not only satisfy me, but it will bring some monetary value to what I do.

How about your goals for 2013? How are they holding up?

Great summer read - only .99 cents for a limited time
Great summer read – only .99 cents for a limited time



10 responses to “Goals 2013 – Mid-Year Review”

    • Thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes it seems as if I’m spinning in my tracks, but this goal setting and then follow up has been a very good thing. I think I’ll keep it up for 2014.


  1. You’re inspiring. I’m not doing too badly on my goals – I published my fourth and final book of the series and I’m now working on a new project that I hope will be successful.


  2. Go, PC, Go!

    My goals (?!) are alright. Entering a contest was one of them. Placing was another, so yeah, I’m (sort of) on track. Certainly not as focussed as you though. I admire your conviction!


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