Why I’ll Never (probably) Endorse Free Ebooks

Terri Herman-Ponce

There’s a whole subculture surrounding free ebooks and I think many readers love them and many writers don’t.

I realize this is a generalization and it may not be entirely accurate, but I’ve got strong feelings about free ebooks. In particular, offering them and/or endorsing them.

See. Here’s the deal. I’m an author and I work hard (sweat, blood, and tears hard) to craft my stories. For me, it takes months (and months and months and months) to draft, edit, revise, tighten, edit again, revise some more, and edit one last time before a novel comes close to seeing the light of day. This involves countless hours and sleepless nights of thinking about craft, worrying about red herrings and tension, trying to remember details written earlier (and often months ago), and figuring out where the story needs to go while also keeping the reader engaged. It also involves shying away…

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