Book Review Friday – Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayala

Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayala takes the reader on a wild and suspenseful journey from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to Australia’s wine country. The plot turns and twists made my neck hurt and my brain foggy, but the challenge of following all the conflict made for an interesting and exciting journey. Star-crossed lovers missing clues and questions of paternity abound in this romantic thriller. The reader only sees the plot unfolding through Vera’s eyes. The first person point of view allows the suspense to build because all we know is what Vera feels, sees, and unravels one layer at a time.

Ms. Ayala is a talented writer who creates a wide range of fiction. I’m amazed that the author of Knowing Vera also write Michal’s Window and Hidden Under Her Heart. Both of those earlier works are superb examples of her range in writing fiction that compels the reader to love the main characters, flaws and all. That takes knowledge of craft and an innate ability to gauge the correct amount of tension to keep the reader eager to start the next chapter.rachelle-books-2013

The book is filled with scenes of graphic sexual encounters but never does it tumble into the realm of “sex for sex’s sake.” The scenes are crafted to help the reader understand the love between two of the characters and the horror of sexual feelings that arise at inappropriate times with a despicable character.

Knowing Vera is also filled with detailed descriptions of the setting. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco in general because it’s one of my favorite cities, and I’ve walked across the bridge twice and always thought about the emergency phones and the warnings against committing suicide from the bridge. Ms. Ayala’s details are accurate and concise.

If you enjoy romance, tension, suspense, and thrilling and surprising plot twists and outcomes, then I suggest you get your copy of Knowing Vera for your some great reading snuggled up in front of the fireplace with the paperback or your Kindle. You won’t be disappointed.


7 responses to “Book Review Friday – Knowing Vera by Rachelle Ayala”

  1. I read Knowing Vera a few months ago and loved it. I also read Hidden Under Her Heart. I really enjoy this author and want to read Michal’s Window, too. Best of luck to Rachelle Ayala!


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