Author Wednesday – #Cover Reveal

White-Swans-FINAL-B&NToday I welcome Annamaria Bazzi, an author who’s visited me before. Also I’ve been on her blog for her Round Table Chat with authors. Annamaria is about to release the next book in her White Swans Series. Today I’m pleased to reveal her new cover for the book as well as an interview that she conducted with one of her characters who lives in her mind. I certainly know what that’s like, and I hope you enjoy the conversation on this installment of Author Wednesday.

By Annamaria Bazzi

Writing is a lonely road traveled by people whose imaginations scream for release, where stories form, characters are born and the life of the creator changes forever when the words are written down.

Almost two years ago, a beautiful face with no name materialized in my head. The young girl sat at a window, sad, staring into the landscape. She existed but never spoke to me, until one day she screamed for me to tell her story.

“My name is Kendíka,” she said, in a soft enticing voice. From that moment on, I lived and breathe Kendíka. This is a story whose ending I still don’t really know, but at least book one is completed and ready to be edited.

I must say, when Kendíka introduced me to Charles, her guardian, I too fell in love with the man who’s gentle, kind, protective. He had many of the qualities for a good husband. Would he be one? Time will tell.

Since the initial short story, which has turned into a novel, Kendíka has come to life. She has her own Facebook page and manages her own website. I must admit, she’s a rambunctious teen and at times gets out of hand with her demands. Still, I can’t blame her for urging me to hurry up and publish White Swans A Regency World. She’s ready to capture a fan base while I’m still struggling to make sure every word brings meaning to the story.

Kendíka – Hello folks, I see you’ve met Annamaria—

Annamaria – What are you doing here? This is my guest post.

Kendíka – Maybe so, but I think I can attract more fans than you can, so you should let me out of the bottle.

Annamaria – [stares dumbfounded] You just love to steal the show, typical teen behavior-someone who believes the world revolves around her.

Kendíka – Oh, but it does! That’s what you adults fail to understand. You’ve had your chances, now the world belongs to me, to the young. We are the future.

Annamaria – Yes, it’s just like I say, give that little inch and they’ll yank a yard out from under you.

Kendíka – What are you talking about?

Annamaria – Never mind. How have you come to help me?

Kendíka – I just want to tell folks about my story, my world, and my website. Is that a crime?

Annamaria – No, my dear, go ahead. I’m curious to hear what you have to say.

Kendíka – The book is still being work on, you know edits and stuff like that to make it a better read. She does work hard, but it seems to me the book is always in a transition state, never done, always being worked on.

Annamaria – What do you mean always being worked on?

Kendíka – Well, you’ve taken it from being a collection of short stories to a full-length novel, you’ve revised some of the shorts and incorporated them into the novel, so, yeah, you’re always doing something to it. I also think you started advertising and mentioning the book too early in the game and your strategy could backfire on you.

Annamaria – You’ve got a point there, but I still hope folks will enjoy the twists and turns in the book that micmicks a world in the Regency Era.

Kendíka – What’s up with that? Why couldn’t you keep it in the twentieth-first century?

Annamaria – The Regency Era is such a romantic and idolized period and the fashion so different. It’s a period filled with excitement.

Kendíka – [rolls her eyes] It’s a very restrictive era for women where men are in control of everything. How can that be romantic? Besides, this book is a fantasy not a romance novel.

Annamaria – Before the situation breaks out into one of our arguments, I believe it’s time to thank our host.

Kendíka – Thank you so much, Patricia, for hosting Annamaria and me.

Patricia – It’s always a pleasure, Kendíka and Annamaria. When you two get together there’s no room for a third voice to speak, except in the pages of the White Swan series. Congratulations on your impending release. I hope you’ll drop by after it’s published.

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