#Veterans Day with Denise Kahn’s Warrior Music

All sales go to support our Veterans, November 8-15

I welcome Denise Kahn (see my interview with her from 2013), author of the Music Trilogy series and Split-Second Lifetime (my review). She has a special message, and a special offer where you can help our Veterans. During the week of November 8-15, she is donating all of the proceeds from the sale of the third book in the trilogy, Warrior Music, to the Warrior Cry Music Project. The book is on sale for .99 cents and well worth the price. But I’ll let Denise explain a little more about her donation and her giveaways in honor of Veterans Day.

From Denise Kahn:

Warrior Music is in honor of my son, who gallantly served during Operation Iraqi Freedom. For this reason, during this Veterans Day week, November 8-15, I am doing a promotion to honor and help our Veterans. It is but a small part, but one which I believe in and hope will help, even in a small way. I am DONATING ALL SALES of Warrior Music to the Veterans. The Kindle price has been reduced to .99 cents. So, for less than a cup of coffee, readers can download the book by clicking right here.

In addition, the reader will receive a free Photobook and will be entered in the Kindle Fire/$100 Amazon Gift Card giveaway. Books can, of course, also be gifted to friends and family just in time for the upcoming holidays. With this promotion, I am honoring and remembering the sacrifices of all Veterans and hoping to get some results for them. For the readers who have it in their heart to participate, thank you. Please download, share, and spread the news. Let’s try to get the most for them. Please click here to visit my website for more details.

MUSIC TRILOGY COVERMy very first memory of life was the sound of my mother’s glorious voice singing to me, most likely a Brahms lullaby. I’m convinced that is why music always has a delicious way of creeping into my writing, and becomes one of the most important elements. I find that music is almost synonymous with being in a state of trance, and that is how I become when I write. I get very focused and live the scenes with my characters. As each mise en scène blooms, music envelopes my mind with a melisma, or a melody that already exists.

I wrote my book Peace of Music for my son, so that he could have the story of his ancestral family. It became a novel (much more fun that way) as I could take a few liberties, such as the scenes in China’s 13th century Song (what else?) Dynasty.

While about ten percent is fiction, the rest is fact, and since the characters/family members were opera singers and concert pianists, I thought their stories would make a good novel.  My tag line is ‘Spreading the Power of Music through Words,’ and in this book, music proves how it can unite and keep people together and strong, especially in difficult circumstances. Throughout the book, music is the glue that keeps this family together.

I continued this family saga in my second book Obsession of the Heart. The third book of The Music Trilogy, Warrior Music, is focused on the war in Iraq. Of course, it is also contains a romance that develops in the ancient sands of that country between a Marine and a nurse from a Combat Support Hospital.

Denise Kahn photoAbout Denise:  Denise Kahn spent twenty years in Europe because of her father, who was with the U.S. Diplomatic Corps, and her mother, who was an opera singer. She worked mainly as a simultaneous interpreter and translator as she is a linguist and speaks several languages, five fluently. She also worked in the airline and music industries. Because of her exposure to people of different nations, her writing includes many foreign settings and cultures. She is a proud mother of a gallant Marine who served in Iraq, and among the members of her household is Louie the cat (aka King Louie), so named because of his clawing love of Louis XV and XVI furniture, and surely thinks he must have been a fearless Marine in one of his former lives.

At the moment, Denise is working on a historical novel, The Lavender Coat of Arms, which includes the French Revolution, Catherine the Great, survival, nasty bad guys and yes, of course, romance. It is scheduled to come out just before the holidays. For updates look for news on her website, Denise Kahn Books.

Click below for links to Denise and her books:

Amazon Author page

Peace of Music

Obsession of the Heart

Warrior Music

Warrior Music trailer

The Music Trilogy


Twitter: @DKpolyglot








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