A Grateful Author on Wednesday

It’s a different twist on my usual Author Wednesday fare, but I purposefully didn’t schedule anyone for today’s slot. I knew I would be releasing ffs_boxset_finalmy Florida Fiction Box Set, which I did. I also knew that the new box set, 5d833-heroes2bto2bswoon2bfor_ebook_mediumHeroes to Swoon For would be in pre-order phase, getting ready for release on December 8, which it is. And I knew all of you would be busy with your holiday activities with little time left over to read my blog. So on this day before Thanksgiving here in the States, I’d like to offer my humble attempt at expressing gratitude for my life.

Yesterday as I prepared for the holiday, I received a call from my daughter. “I’ve got some bad news, Mom.” My heart sank. It’s not a call you want to receive, and those are words you never want to hear.

It seems books I’d had mailed to her place in Florida for two upcoming book signings had arrived. Only the mailman decided that the best way to deliver to her apartment would be to leave the box in the parking lot on a day of torrential rains in northeast Florida. She sent a photo of the books, and my heart sank to see those babies of mine all warped and useless. I fumed; I fussed; I used the “f” word in more ways than I did in this sentence.

And then sometime this morning in the wee hours of sleeplessness on how to proceed, it came to me. They are books. They are things that can be replaced. My daughter and others I love cannot. Perspective, my dear readers, changes everything.

Anna and MomI am grateful to my daughter Anna who has always encouraged me to be a writer. She was the first to tell me to jump from teaching to writing way back when. And she’s been unwavering in her support ever since.

My husband Robert is the reason I can write full time (all you writers know that’s a fallacy as an Indie Author) without worrying about a job outside of the home. He believes in me and what I do. ???????????????????????????????He loves my work and is proud of my determination despite the lack of economic contribution to our finances.

60 CelebrationI am grateful for my friends who are my cheerleaders.Two of them were my earliest supporters when everyone else thought I’d gone bonkers to think I could write a novel. Tonja gives me kudos and support at every turn. Having her at my book signing in September made me feel like I had my own little private fan club. Then there’s Linda, who buys my books first, reads them first, shares the news first. She buys all versions and shouts out to the world my virtues as a writer. If my success depended on her view of me as a writer, I’d be as famous as that “gray” shady lady.

I am so grateful to my fellow Indie Authors who inspire and encourage me on a daily basis. There are so many of us and so many of them who not only manage to write books, but they are tireless promoters for the rest of us. I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing today without them.

And last, but never least, I am so grateful to all of you who take the time to read this blog, comment on and like the posts, and read my books. It’s a crowded field out there, and I have trouble hearing my voice heard above the roar. That makes me all the more grateful for all of you.

016So a few wet books and a less than smart mailman are mere pebbles in the road.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. All my friends in the East–drive carefully or stay home and mark your blessings.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what makes you smile with thanks today.

With gratitude,




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