Review: “Mountain Miracles (Smoky Mountain Romances )” by P.C, Zick

I’m very grateful to Christoph Fischer for this lovely review.


mountainmiraclesnewThis is yet another excellent serving by the multi-talented P.C. Zick and yet another proof that lighthearted romance doesn’t have to be shallow and flat.
Sissy runs away from her mother and ex-boyfriend and moves to a mountainous setting. Remote it is but you can’t escape those who also live there.
There is the super hot neighbour David for example, who is shy and arrogant, or maybe misunderstood?
Misunderstandings play a role in this novel as we see the story from both, Sissy’s and David’s point of view. This is hugely enjoyable.
But this wouldn’t be P.C. Zick if there weren’t more to the characters than finding love. Characters debelop, show depth and are faced with more than ‘he loves me, he loves me not’. There is a lot of happiness and resolve in this, despite some sad moments. I’m not a great fan of romance but this kept me…

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