Colleen’s #BOOK #REVIEWS – “A Merry Mountain Christmas,” by Author, P. C. Zick

My new Christmas story, A Merry Mountain Christmas, was released this week. And I am very proud of this review from Colleen Chesebro because she loves the main character Fran as much as I loved creating her.

9 responses to “Colleen’s #BOOK #REVIEWS – “A Merry Mountain Christmas,” by Author, P. C. Zick”

  1. I loved Fran. I can’t help but feel there is much of you in Fran. You were so tuned into this character. That is how I want to write someday. I want my characters to become real. This was such an enjoyable read. Well done, Pat. ❤

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    • Thank you, Colleen. I know lots of Frans and I’ve suffered with friends who have lost husbands. I guess I do know her intimately. As with all my characters, she’s a composite of so many others. Then I always ask how would I like to handle the same situation. She’s an inspiration to me in that way.

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