This post might sound a bit like “What I did on my summer vacation.”

I wrote. After falling out of my office chair and flailing away from my laptop for a few months, I suddenly stood up and swiveled my way back to work. And did I ever.

As with most writers, doubt seeps into my psyche about why I write. The doubts and then eventual commitment have evolved over the years. Once I forgot about being famous, once I decided Oprah had lost my number, and once I remembered why I wrote my first story, some things improved.

I write because I love to tell stories. I love to make things up  write fiction. I do it for myself. But still that niggling thing remains. The thing in our society that tells us that to be successful, there must be the shiny thing at the end of all effort, whether it be a trophy or cash. My writing doesn’t always do that. But still I write.

What have I written? Two and a half full-length contemporary romances in less than three months. I still have two and a half to complete by the end of November. I didn’t think it was possible, but I discovered, the more I wrote and stayed within the lives of the same family, the easier it became. The characters began to live with me when I wasn’t at the computer. I know them. Each books fleshes out characters into full dimension.

The concept is called “rapid release.” The idea simple. Readers tend to lose interest in a series unless they can access the next stories quickly. They forget even if they liked the novel. In my case, the first two novels were published last year, and then nothing. So now starting September 17, the next books in the series will be released every 2-4 weeks through December 3.

We shall see if it’s successful. Either way, I’ve had fun creating the stories, and really, isn’t that all that matters?

I’m looking for team members for my ARC team. This means I’ll provide an electronic version of any of the books below (if finished!). I only ask that you consider writing a review. Please email me at pczick@comcast.net if interested.

In the meantime, here’s a brief look at the books with the links to download or Preorder.


Click to download either Kindle or paperback.

Two lawyers on opposite sides of the aisle despise one another…at first. It takes their dogs to bring them together. A Valentine’s Day sweet romance.



Click to download either Kindle or paperback.

He worries he’ll never find love. She fights to follow the career of her choosing. Flying across the Atlantic, love and careers collide. A sweet romance with a strong female lead breaking through glass ceilings.


Click to Preorder. Paperback available now. Release date, September 17

Childhood history between a race car driver and an event coordinator collide at the Indy 500. He can’t be distracted by romance. And she can’t trust love will last.

LOVE ON AIR, Book Four

Click to Preorder. Release date, October 1

Two TV newscasters find they have many things in common, except how they cope with trauma and stress. He hides behind a polished persona. She freezes then goes on with the show. But both of them require healing.


Click to Preorder. Release date, October 22

A chef and a public relations director share interests but the relationship stagnates from a lack of commitment. She moves from Chicago to Florida, and he takes off for Tuscany and then Ireland. In different countries and on different courses, they each seek something better.


Click to Preorder. Release date, November 19

An actress intent on finding her place in the theater after leaving Hollywood. A fire fighter with a passion for Shakespeare. When she plays Kate in Taming of the Shrew, he risks his life to draw her attention from her role to real life.


Release date, December 3

The couple who started the whole Crandall clan face a crossroads as their fortieth wedding anniversary approaches. As their six children plan a surprise party, the couple struggle to stay together through the holidays.

I’ll be posting more about the process and sharing special offers throughout the process of rapid releasing this series.

Happy end of summer days,





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