How it feels to be immunocompromised in the age of COVID-19

I want the word to get out about the attitudes of some folks right now. Sure, you say, “I’m healthy, strong, not high risk.” However, you can still carry the virus, some are even asymptomatic, and you can pass it along to someone with a compromised system and/or an older person. My husband is 70 and has a compromised immune system along with allergic asthma (means the doctors can’t tell him what he’s allergic to). He is in a higher risk group. That means I am as well because if I continue my normal life right now, I could bring it home to him. We aren’t panicked, but we’re trying to be smart right now by social isolating as much as is reasonable. I hope others finally understand that’s the risk of any one of us contracting the virus. We could pass it along without even knowing it.

Be safe, be smart. Leave the masks for the health care system and rest assured that toilet paper is not a cure.

As the coronavirus turned into a pandemic, I’ve watched public figures try to reassure people that only vulnerable people—people like me—will die.

Source: How it feels to be immunocompromised in the age of COVID-19

3 responses to “How it feels to be immunocompromised in the age of COVID-19”

  1. You’re smart, Sarah. It’s a confusing time for everyone when we keep getting mixed messages. Stay safe and don’t let anyone else convince you to go against your intuition. Thinking of you and your kids and Richard.


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