The Rivals in Love series follows the Crandall family of Chicago. With an Italian mother and Irish father, who’s a senator, six siblings enjoy successful careers, but they forgot one thing along the way–love. Follow each one as they learn to navigate the sometimes challenging world of romance.

Love on Trial, Rivals in Love Book One

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When two dog-lover lawyers happen to meet while walking their pets in the park then later that day have to fight each other in court, it’s the start of a compelling book. More than that, this story is about how tough adversarial personalities can soften as love grows. And in Ms. Zick’s typical way, besides delivering a great romantic tale, she also includes a whole host of themes that manage to dive straight into your heart.  ~Amazon Review


Two lawyers on opposite sides of the aisle despise one another. . .at first. 

When Jude Crandall fights for justice, she is a formidable opponent. Malik Moore may hate his job as an attorney for a prestigious Chicago law firm, but he stands up to the force of prosecutor Jude in the battle of opposites.

They disagree on most everything, except the love they both feel for their dogs, a Boston terrier and a Jack Russell terrier. When their mothers meddle, Jude and Malik find it impossible to avoid one another.

But his Persian heritage and her father’s political aspirations and biases throw the biggest barrier of all between them.

Their dogs, Clyde and Suzanne, show them how to love. It’s up to the two lawyers to overcome culture, religion, and their families to find happiness.

The two lawyers are forced together by their dogs and their mothers and discover they have more in common than not.

Love on Board, Rivals in Love Book Two

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This is the second of PC Zick’s Rivals in Love series, and it’s as good as the first, again integrating contemporary issues into the characters’ lives and relationships. This time it’s the next Crandall sibling’s turn, and Rock meets his match in Sabrina, who is also a pilot. One of my favorite elements of this book is the way in which both casual and overt sexism are identified and shown to be inappropriate. ~Amazon Review

He worries he’ll never find love. She fights to follow the career of her choosing. Flying across the Atlantic, love and careers collide.

Rock Crandall returns to the Rival in Love series as he contemplates why he can’t find a lasting relationship. Sabrina Holiday has never wanted to be anything but a pilot, but many obstacles stand in her way, including the handsome pilot who takes her for the flight attendant on his international trip to Paris. Sabrina manages to forgive Rock after a romantic dinner on the Seine, but the peace is short-lived when Rock attempts to control her career.

They share a love of old movies and flying, but Sabrina must learn to trust Rock, who struggles not to take care of Sabrina and all her needs. Turns out she can take care of herself.

Love on Track, Rivals in Love Book Three

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There is a more philosophical slant to this book, about the nature of love, of enduring love, and of relationships themselves. ~Amazon Review

Childhood history between a race car driver and an event coordinator collide at the Indy 500. He can’t be distracted by romance. And she can’t trust love will last.

Stone Crandall wants more than anything to win the Indy 500, but as the race approaches, other things begin to distract him. Not only has his family descended on Indianapolis, but a schoolboy crush in the form of his sister’s best friend appears and changes his focus. Tara Hartman grew up with the Crandall family as her safe haven from a broken family. As an adult she’s grown a successful business planning events for major corporations. Stone’s race car team hires her for the two weeks of the big race, which is a surprise to Stone.

At the start of the activities, Tara and Stone make a pact to remain single when they discover neither of them has ever fallen in love. Then when Tara’s father and stepmother invade the festivities, along with her mother, Stone provides her a strong shoulder for comfort.

When comfort turns to passion, the two are caught in an embrace by all the parents, and Stone’s concentration on winning is all but destroyed until he tells Tara she’s a distraction. He also starts to let the attention of the media expand his ego. Tara is convinced all men are attracted by shiny objects just like her father when he left her mother for another woman. Tara ends things with Stone, just as his career soars.

Once the parents and Crandall siblings see how much the two care about one another despite their stubbornness, efforts are made to show them that love is worth the risk, no matter the outcome. It’s up to Tara and Stone to figure out whether they want to take the leap and find out for themselves.

Love on Air, Rivals in Love Book Four

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Excellent portrayal of news broadcasting – the frantic pace of it, the ratings at all cost, the cutthroat part of the managers, and how network “paired” these two people up together to be politically correct. ~S.R. Mallery, Bestselling Author

Two TV newscasters find they have many things in common, except how they cope with trauma and stress. He hides behind a polished persona. She freezes then goes on with the show.

 Diamond Crandall became a prime-time newscaster at a young age—many said because of his name and without paying his dues. Hope Colson also has had a meteoritic rise in broadcast journalism—many said because of her gender and race. When Hope is given the job of Diamond’s co-anchor, one colleague in particular creates tension between the two just as they’re beginning to develop a strong friendship based on their dedication to truth in the news.

Toss in a driven producer who cares about ratings at any cost—even the truth—and Diamond and Hope turn against one another in a race to see which one of them can be the best in their field. A family tragedy from a decade earlier threatens to ruin Hope’s chances for success while Diamond scoffs at her inability to handle grief. Yet the grief he’s held inside for years bubbles forth and collides with his emotional smugness.

If Hope and Diamond can heal from their past traumas and shut out the noise from those who wish to destroy them, they might find they have more in common than the news. If allowed, love might really conquer all.

Love on Course, Rivals in Love Book Five

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“As always, the family is intimately involved in this relationship, and, as always, that is one of the book’s strengths. There are developments in the other existing relationships, and in Turq’s parents’ lives, and I refuse to add a spoiler for these. Just know that I need to read the next Crandall book really really urgently!” ~Goodreads Review

A chef and a public relations director share interests but the relationship stagnates from a lack of commitment. She moves from Chicago to Florida, and he takes off for Tuscany and then Ireland. In different countries and on different courses, they each seek something better.

 Turq Crandall, the baby of the clan, is bored with his job as chef at a French restaurant in Chicago. He yearns to do something different out of the stuffy environment of fine dining. Cindy Crosby seeks fulfillment in her job as a public relations director, but when she and Turq hit an impasse in their relationship, she decides to take a job with a medical corporation in Florida.

The two attempt a long-distance relationship, but distrust of each other’s motives haunt the time apart. He’s certain Cindy loves his family more than him, and Cindy assumes Turq’s priorities don’t include her.

Turq finally decides to quit his job and heads for Tuscany to seek out his mother’s Italian roots and learn about rustic Italian cooking. When that doesn’t satisfy him, he heads to Ireland to explore his father’s roots and the cuisine of his other half. Cindy’s job becomes unbearable, so she begins volunteering to take her mind off Turq.

Both of them decide it’s done between them and they go out on dates with other people only to discover no one can fill the other’s shoes. Cindy is finally forced to make a decision on her job when she’s asked to do something unethical, and Turq discovers what it is he needs lead a fulfilling life.

The road to love is bumpy but filled with scrumptious tastes of local cuisines. Their two discoveries collide when both return to Chicago for Crandall family concerns. If they can smooth over the course of their love and realize how to work together, love might deserve a second chance.

Love on Stage, Rivals in Love Book Six

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“You know when you’ve read a series and the family in it feels like friends? That’s how I feel about the Crandalls, and that’s why this book left me a bit heart sore. There’s really only one way a book family becomes so real, and that’s through good writing. And that’s what PC Zick offers. Her characters don’t just plop onto the page; they continue to develop through the series, and this, the sixth in the series, doesn’t disappoint.” ~Amazon Review

An actress intent on finding her place in the theater after leaving Hollywood. A fire fighter reeling from a bitter divorce. When she inherits money to open her own playhouse, the inspection ignites love at first sight.

Ruby Crandall, the twin of Rock, often faded into the background with her large family. But the way to gain attention came to her in the form of acting. After her character is killed off on a series, she returns home to Chicago to help her parents face some health issues and ends up buying an old theater in a revitalized community. The Windy River Playhouse takes center stage in this love story between a woman born into a life of privilege and Captain David Dixon of the Chicago Fire Department. He’s a man burned by his ex-wife and carries a bias against spoiled rich women. But he when he meets Ruby, he fights the attraction when he learns she comes from the famous and wealthy Crandall family. Ruby, while drawn to the handsome captain, struggles to understand how he could have ever been married to her high school nemesis, Camille. Both must prove to the other their mettle if they can ever hope to forge a relationship despite the sparks of love flowing between them.

Love on Holiday, Rivals in Love Book 7

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“I just love Love on HolidayIt flows beautifully, and I love going back to some of the stories. The Crandall family feels very real to me.” ~Review


The couple who started the whole Crandall clan face a crossroads as their fortieth wedding anniversary approaches. As their six children plan a surprise party, the couple struggle to stay together through the holidays.

Nolan and Sofia Crandall have remained in love and together for forty years despite their differences. He’s Irish. She’s Italian. He comes from a working class family. She was raised as an heiress to a meat packing dynasty. He’s a Republican senator. She’s a staunch Democrat. In the past, they worked through the differences. But a rift develops between them even as all their dreams as parents are realized with a houseful of grand kids on the way.

Their six children, facing their own issues, look to their parents as an example of how a marriage should work, until things begin to fall apart right before the surprise party on Christmas Day. The six siblings work to save their parent’s marriage for the sake of their own. During the Christmas holidays, they all come together to help their parents find their way back to one another or face a divorce of gargantuan proportions.

Love on Holiday brings back all the characters from the six previous books. Readers will learn how the “happily ever after” couples are faring in this seventh book in the Rivals in Love series.

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