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Welcome to Summer – It’s almost here. The Memorial Day weekend always signaled to me the start of something fresh and new. No school, fun days at the beach, and sleeping late. In early summer, I would go out to our wild raspberry patch in the side yard and pick the best tasting fruit I’ve ever had. Then I’d plop those little red beauties on my cereal. I can still taste it.

But over and above all else, reading dominated my summer life from the time I could pick up a book. I spent hours in the basement of our village’s town hall where the librarian stocked books that brought the world to  my small Michigan community.

Reading created a yearning in me to see more, do more, and write more. All these years later, the need to do all those things remains. That’s why I’m pleased to be able to offer you these great deals to load up your eReaders for the summer season. Let yourself escape into the lives of some unforgettable characters and powerful settings. Click here to see the free and 99 cent books offered May 20-24.

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I wish all of my followers in the United States a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends, family and good food. This year, no matter where we live, giving thanks and
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P. C. ZICK – Still Waters Run Deep

This is such a lovely post from the creative and talented S.R. (Sarah) Mallery.

Source: P. C. ZICK – Still Waters Run Deep

Also, Trails in the Sand can be downloaded free April 18-21 in honor of the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the lives lost. Click here to download your copy.


ChristmasinJuly1Click here to get some wonderful deals on eBooks July 15-17.

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Minty's Kiss draft 1_edited-1

About Minty’s Kiss – When Molly retreats to North Carolina with Gracie, her ten-year-old daughter, she’s surprised to find her childhood crush, Nick, still living in the area. Months before her retreat, Molly’s husband announces he’s leaving to sail around the world with his best friend. She divorces him and takes Gracie and Harold, her seventeen-year-old cat, to the Smoky Mountains where she spent many happy childhood vacations. The morning after her arrival, Nick shows up on her porch, and he is even more handsome than she remembered. She feels the flush of her adolescent crush heating up. Minty’s Kiss is a sweet romantic novella, filled with holiday cheer brought to life by an adorable kitten.


“Mommy, Harold isn’t here.”

Molly’s daughter Gracie jumped onto her bed, forcing her eyes open. It felt as if she’d only been sleeping for a few minutes. Molly sat up, rubbing her eyes.

“He’s probably hiding in a closet or under a bed.”

“No, he’s out in the woods somewhere. He ran outside when I opened the door to go out on the porch.”

Molly wondered how Harold managed to run anywhere these days, but he’d always been a bolter when a door opened. He loved being outside, particularly when he came to the mountains where he’d been born.

“He won’t go far. He’s too slow these days.”

“He wasn’t slow when he pushed past me and jumped off the porch.”

Molly got out of bed and pulled on her sweats that she’d peeled off the night before, dead tired after an eight-hour drive to the cabin from Jacksonville, Florida. Pulling a trailer behind her truck proved to be more challenging than she imagined. But they’d made it back to the place where Molly first fell in love and always felt safe. She inherited the cabin when her father died in May. When Molly’s husband announced a few months later that sailing the world with his best friend was more important than being a father to their daughter and a husband to her, the cabin provided Molly a lifeline. So she’d done what her own mother had done eighteen years earlier and moved her daughter and herself back to the cabin in North Carolina after her divorce. She vowed not to follow her mother’s example and kept her bitterness at Derek’s abandonment from Gracie. Besides, she loved Murphy, the mountains, and the small cabin that her father had neglected during his years of battling cancer. And more importantly, Molly made the decision to divorce Derek once she gazed into the huge gap in how each envisioned their relationship. Often on the drive from Jacksonville to Murphy, she wondered about Nick. She hadn’t seen him since she was a teenager, and he had girls his own age hanging all over him. He was probably married with two kids, so she put him out of her mind.

Molly walked out to the broad porch that ran the length of the cabin. She breathed in the mountain air and looked out at the fog masking the view of the Smokies. She’d always loved watching the “smoke” glide away in wisps of clouds, slowly revealing the tree-covered mountains.

“Harold, here kitty. Come on, Harold. Breakfast time.” She whistled her special call, which usually brought the old cat rambling in his walk of old age to find out what the fuss was.

“Hello, Molly.”

Molly turned sharply toward the driveway and watched as a tall man with blonde hair walked around the trailer she’d driven from Jacksonville. She knew instantly who it was, and immediately she felt safe. Nick Johnson. Her one-time best friend and childhood crush. The man she vowed to marry one day.

“Nick? Is it really you?” He took the four steps up to the porch in one giant leap and then he engulfed her in his arms.

“You’re all grown up, Molly, but I’d recognize you anywhere.”

“Same for you. It’s good to see you.”

“I heard about your dad. He was a good man.”

“Thank you. He was sick for a long time with cancer, so it was really a blessing when he passed.”

Nick nodded. “Did I hear you calling for Harold? You still have Harold?”

“Sure do. He’s an old man now, but he made the trip with us.”


Just then the front door opened, and Gracie came out onto the porch.

“Mommy, did he come back?”



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Author Wednesday – Rachelle Ayala

Today Rachelle Ayala stops by to announce the release of her new romance Played by Love.

The World Cup is over, but Comic-Con is coming up!!! If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a soccer goalie meets a cosplay girl, check out Jaden Sloup and Ella Kennedy in Rachelle Ayala’s newest book, Played by Love.


Soccer goalkeeper, Jaden Sloup, has his eye on Ella Kennedy, a woman who won’t date jocks or frat boys. He dons a pair of nerd glasses and hugs a laptop to convince her he’s a techno geek, and she agrees to go to Las Vegas with him for a cosplay convention where his team’s playoff game happens to be.


Jaden must juggle sizzling in the sheets with Ella against a soccer match and hanging with his frat brother teammates. When a bully harasses Ella and challenges Jaden to a fight, he proves that even a goalie can score.


From the Author:
Played by Love is the first in a series of exciting sports novellas in my new #Played Series. They are fast, flirty, and sexy, a quick read at the beach or poolside, or in between running errands. I hope you enjoy Jaden and Ella’s story because there’s more to come. Look for Playing the Rookie heating up Spring Training in Arizona, and more.
WARNING: must be over 18 to read, so fasten your seatbelts, because sporty men and enthusiastic women make the very best lovers.
Played by Love is available from Amazon only and available through Amazon’s #KindleUnlimited plan! Pick up your copy before Comic-con and see what fabulous costumes Ella comes up with.

#Florida Setting for My Novels

Florida Setting 1I’m featured today on Francis Guenette’s blog Disappearing in Plain Sight in a guest post on the location of my novels. Please check it out and Francis’s wonderful review of Trails in the Sand. 3-D1


Click here for the guest post and the insightful blog.


Real Life Seeps into #Fiction

Click here to grab Kindle copy for .99 cents during April

Click here to grab Kindle copy for .99 cents during April

I’m often asked if real life seeps into my novels. As we head into the anniversary of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill on April 20, I’ve thought about how much of my life seeped into the writing of Trails in the Sand.

During April 2010, two significant manmade disasters occurred in the United States. Both of the tragedies became a part of my life for the remainder of the year and led me to question how we live our lives. It took me some months to make the connection between the two events, but when I did, they both found a home in Trails in the Sand, the novel I began writing in late 2010.

The first tragedy occurred on April 5, when a coal mine exploded in West Virginia, several hours away from my new home in western Pennsylvania. Twenty-nine miners, trapped inside the mine, died that day. The local Pittsburgh news carried very little else as hope ebbed and flowed on the first days after the explosion. But finally, on April 9, the governor of West Virginia made a tragic announcement. All twenty-nine miners were dead and had not made it to the safety room as hoped. My husband works with the mining industry in his job as an engineer with a water solutions company. He knows the coal mining industry very well so we kept our eyes and ears tuned to the news, first hopeful as everyone else, and then, more than curious about how and why the explosion occurred in the first place. The answers became clear in the months following the deaths. The company, Massey Energy, had cut corners in safety procedures. The resulting reports are gruesome and indictments are still coming down for the highest echelon in a company that for a long time flagrantly disregarded the safety standards for coal mining.

Macondo well gushes oil after Deepwater Horizon oil rig burns and falls

Macondo well gushes oil after Deepwater Horizon oil rig burns and falls

Two weeks later, all eyes turned to the southeast of West Virginia when another explosion caused an oil rig to catch on fire and fall to the ground, exposing a deep well in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. On April 20, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill explosion killed eleven workers. For months, oil gushed out of the well unabated. Petroleum headed for the Gulf beaches. Within a few weeks, wildlife began appearing on the barrier islands covered and smothered in oil. The photos of birds immersed in a wet suit of petroleum played continuously on the news and horrified the world.

Even though I’d moved in Pittsburgh in April 2010, I was still working for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a public/media relations director until they found my replacement. The oil spill and the threat to Florida’s wildlife put my departure on hold for months. As I watched the news unfold about what caused the mine explosion from my home in Pittsburgh, I was fielding media calls, writing news releases, and pulling together facts sheets on oiled wildlife. By June, I was appointed to handle all the media during the sea turtle nest relocation project where 250 nests were dug up on the Panhandle beaches of Florida and eggs were transported to the Atlantic side of Florida for hatching and release. The project was unprecedented and received the attention of national and international media.

It didn’t take long for a culprit in the oil spill to have a name: BP. Once again, a large corporation sacrificed human and environmental safety in the pursuit of profit. My mind was churning and mulling over the connection between the two events.

In my spare time, I began writing a love story called In the Garden about two people reunited after a long separation. The subject began to have a life of its own. I wanted to write about my mother who died in 1998. Through various tidbits I’d gleaned over the years, I suspected that my mother gave birth when she was a teenager back in 1933 or ’34. I researched as best I could. I interviewed her only living sibling in 2011 and went through writings left by my mother and her father, my grandfather. My grandfather had been a miner in Cornwall until he came to the United States in 1900. When he arrived, he went to work in the copper mines in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before giving his life to God and entering the ministry of the Methodist Church. Yes, my mother most likely became pregnant in a small Michigan town at the age of fifteen or sixteen, and she was the daughter of the Methodist minister. It scarred my mother for life, and in turn, it left its mark on her five children. I’ve spent my life recovering as I attempted to piece together my mother’s story.

female loggerhead

female loggerhead

With all of these events and life histories swirling in my head, I changed the course of my novel and renamed it Trails in the Sand. I wanted to write a book about how we destroy things and then attempt to recover and restore, if possible. It begins with a teenager on a beach watching a sea turtle lay a nest on St. George Island, Florida.

The chapters on the BP oil spill and the Upper Big Branch coal mine disaster are from actual news clips and press releases. I used a description from my grandfather’s journal to describe the early years of the patriarch in the story. My mother’s story is weaved into the story as well. The main character, Caroline Carlisle is an environmental writer who sets out to write about the sea turtle project.

That’s how my novel came to life. I wrote Trails in the Sand to show it’s never too late to restore and recover from tragedy, and it’s never too late to find love.

How about you? Does real life seep into your fiction?


Author Wednesday – Wendy Unsworth

typewriter.jpgWelcome to Author Wednesday. Today I welcome Wendy Unsworth, a frequent visitor to Writing Whims. Wendy is the author of several children’s books and a novel, I recently finished reading, The Palaver Treephoto 2Watch for my review of the book on Book Review Friday. It’s a pleasure to meet so many wonderful writers through this blog, and so it is with pleasure I introduce to you this talented and versatile writer. Please take note, The Palaver Tree is available now through March 31 for .99 cents on Kindle.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00056]photo 3

Welcome, Wendy. I’ve so appreciated all your warm comments over the past year, and I’ve looked forward to having you be in the “hot seat” so we can all get to know you a little bit  better. Let’s start where I start most of these interviews. When were you first able to call yourself a ‘writer’ or an ‘author.’

Firstly, I would like to thank you for inviting me here today; I always enjoy this feature on your blog and am fascinated to learn what influences and ideas make other writers tick!

Through my life, I have always been a ‘scribbler’ of stories, poems and travelogues… anything really. I am a dedicated list-maker! For me, any experience or idea seems to engender a desire to ‘put it down on paper’ (often virtual paper, these days!) However, seeing my own book in print and online finally made me feel that I could call myself a writer.

I’m glad you enjoy these posts. Seeing a book in print does wonders for making it all real. How does your immediate family feel about your writing life?

I think they are proud of me. My husband, in particular, has been my great supporter, most especially in his recognition that I am actually ‘doing something’ when I may look far from it, glued to my screen or staring blankly into space! Oh, and he is a stalwart tea-maker.

That’s funny. My daughter can always tell when I’m eavesdropping on a nearby table at a restaurant. She says I get “that look.” Do you have any particular messages or themes  you try to convey to your readers?

In my novels, I like to focus on ordinary lives and then ask myself, “but what would happen to them if. . .?” In real life, extraordinary events, both good and bad, have a habit of crossing the paths of ordered lives. My interests lie in the strength and abilities ordinary people can summon to cope with the situations that they least expect to happen to them.
What am I trying to convey? That these inner qualities are there, and whether or not they ultimately lead to the outcome we would wish for, we have an incredible fortitude and the willingness to fight for what we believe is right and for those we hold dear.

My children’s titles are written for fun, no bones about it! My quirky, main character, Kellie Culpepper and her madcap family of explorers, witches and pets, which include a giant African snail and a dragon, have lots of unusual adventures. However, along with the laughs, I hope I convey the importance of strong family ties and of caring for the ones we love.

Those are all very noble messages. What are you working on these days?

At present I am writing the second book in my ‘Berriwood’ series. The book is entitled Beneathwood. I anticipate there will be four books in this series. Each book centres on the life of an individual resident of the Cornish village of Berriwood, living their quiet, country existence. Of course, it doesn’t stay that way for long!
In the first of the series, The Palaver Tree, the protagonist, Ellie Hathaway, finds herself far away in central Africa, volunteering at a remote school where daily existence operates on a knife’s edge and many things are not what they first seem. Ellie needs to push her wits and courage to the limits to survive.

In Book 2, Beneathwood (at present in the editing stage) has a more quietly sinister feel. Gordon Carroll has spent the first two years of his retirement renovating the old house that he inherited. He says it will make a wonderful home for himself and wife Beryl, and a roomy place for their daughter Olivia and her family to visit. But Olivia hates the old house and stubbornly refuses to say one good word about it. She urges her parents to sell and buy a nice, safe, village new-build. For once, Beryl Carroll is standing up for Gordon. She would do anything for her daughter but Beneathwood has been in the Carroll family for three generations; all that can’t be dismissed just because batty old Auntie Edith died there. Of course, as it turns out, it might have been a good idea to sell the house but I hope that I manage to keep the reader guessing about the real menace that hangs over the Carroll family with this story!

As a complete contrast, Kellie Culpepper is due for a new adventure at the end of April. This time her Aunt Kitty, who is also a ‘sometimes-cat’, goes missing.

You certainly have a broad expanse of writing genres. I look forward to reading Beneathwood. What’s the best thing said about one of your books by a reviewer?

I loved this, because it is entirely what I am trying to achieve in my writing: “The characters are cleverly drawn with flaws as well as strengths, which makes them more interesting, as well as realistic. The ending will leave you gasping and pondering the human condition.”

I am so thankful whenever someone takes the time to engage with me and others about my work. Thank you, again, for inviting me to your lovely blog today, and I would like to wish you and your readers a belated Happy New Year!

Thank you, Wendy. Happy New Year to you, too. I can tell you’re going to be very busy. I’m so glad you stopped by today.

photoAbout Wendy Unsworth: Wendy was born and raised in Lincolnshire, England. Her passions are her family, travel, beautiful gardens, and reading and writing stories. Wendy lived in Ndola, Zambia and Nairobi, Kenya throughout the 1980s and early ’90s before returning to the U.K. to acclimatise back to the English weather in a draughty Cornish cottage close to Bodmin Moor! Never one to let the grass grow under her feet, she is, at present, spending a year in Portugal.

Links to Goodreads:-

The Palaver Tree
Kellie at Come-alive Cottage
Danger at Come-alive Cottage

On Amazon:

The Palaver Tree
Kellie at Come-alive Cottage
Danger at Come-alive Cottage

Twitter @WendyUnsworth

Book Blitz with Juniper Grove Book Solutions

Trails in the Sand BannerIt came as a delightful surprise when Jaidis over at Juniper Grove Book Solutions wrote me an email to inform me I’d won a one-day book blitz. I readily accepted my prize, and now the big day has arrived. There’s a drawing for my Florida fiction and environmentally focused novel, Trails in the Sand. U.S. winners will receive a paperback edition and international winners an eBook. Eighteen bloggers signed up to host me. Check out their blogs and enter to win.

Writing Whims 2013

free-happy-new-year-2014-clipartI just looked over my WordPress report for Writing Whims in 2013 and am pleased with the results. When I started writing this blog, I wasn’t sure if it would be of interest to others. I wasn’t even sure the form it would take.

Early in 2013, I decided to begin two new features, Author Wednesday and Book Review Friday. I began Author Wednesday in March with Rachelle Ayala. I’ve also since reviewed two of her books, Hidden Under Her Heart and Knowing VeraAs well as being a prolific author, Rachelle also supports Indie Authors. She’s been a great source of information and friendship as I ventured into the world of the Indie Author almost two years ago. Thank you, Rachelle, for always being an inspiration.

During 2013, Writing Whims was viewed by folks in eighty-seven different countries. That statistic blew my mind. Eighty-seven countries? How is that possible? The Internet may seem to narrow our focus to the computer screen but it certainly broadens the scope of our reach through words.

The post that received the most comments came from one of my favorite writers and bloggers, Hazy Shades of Me. Hazy and I started our blogs around the same time and somehow connected through this tiny/huge world of blogging. She inspires me with her creative posts that I stand back and admire. She’s a gem, and I hope you’ll hop on over to her blog, named what else, but Hazy Shades of Me. You won’t be disappointed.

I would also like to thank the folks who made the most comments on Writing Whims in 2013.

1. Hazy Shades of Me

2. Marilyn Slagel

3. Darlene Jones – Emsandyves

4. Staci Troilo

5. Rachelle Ayala

I follow all of these writers’ blogs and am always pleased when they drop by as well as everyone else. Here’s to an even better 2014 of blogging.


Psychological Thriller
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Florida Fiction Only .99 cents!

Florida Fiction
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