New Release! I’m excited about the release of The Grateful Fates, a novel that follows the lives of four women from college to the end or the beginning. Click here for a sneak preview of a story about friendship, revenge, and survival.

Thank you for stopping by my website. Stroll around the menus, discover my books, read my blog posts, scroll down and grab your gift Morsels of Romance below.

Writing is an isolated endeavor. And many of us writers value that isolation at times because we’re really introverts at heart. But to ply our craft, we push ourselves out into the world and become extroverts our of necessity. It’s been that way my whole life. The day I could say to the world, “I am a writer,” the dichotomy I’ve often felt as I wobbled between the two worlds of introvert and extrovert disappeared. I’m both, and that’s just fine.

Something else. I am a storyteller. I turn everything into a story. I swear things just happen in my life so I have a story to tell when around others. I don’t just go to the store, I have an adventure in the parking lot with the shopping cart. Roofers don’t just come to my house to repair the roof, they pound a nail into the hot water line running through the attic. I won’t even tell you about the plumber who had to come immediately. But if you stick around long enough, I will.

I hope you find something here that will bring you back for a visit. Leave a comment, like a post, share it with a friend, but most of all, relax and enjoy the story.

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  1. Hi again
    Do you read poetry? For environmentally aware poetry (ecopoetry) have a look at Earth Shattering, published by Bloodaxe Books here in the UK. I’ve got a short review on my blog( from ‘goodreads’.)

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  2. I just read your Florida series and loved them! I got them as a free download. Thank you and it is great to meet you. I am a reviewer for Lit World Interviews and will be reviewing the books! Thanks again. P.S. I live in Pensacola, FL. ❤

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  3. Hello P. C. Zick, it is nice to ‘meet’ you. I love your zest for outdoor life. You left a comment on my contemporary romance novel – Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series #2) – post featured on Staci Triolo’s blog late last year. Thank you.

    I live in London and I write contemporary romance. But I have my first historical romance – Royal Cowries – due out on Mar 31st 2015. it would be great to stay in touch.
    Best wishes,

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  4. I just finished reading your Behind the love books. I am always looking for new authors as i read about 10-20 books a week. I was delighted to find your books Leah & Susie just drew me in,i could not put it down. I am eagerly awaiting the next book.

    Thank you from Texas.

    Happy writing


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    • Wanda – Thank you so much for leaving the comment. It keeps me going. I’m finishing up a novella for a sports-themed romantic box set right now. I hope to write Behind the Curtain this summer. It would be wonderful if you could leave a short review on the site where you purchased the books. Reviews are very helpful to us Indie Authors. Thanks again. You’ve started my week on a high note:)


  5. Hello,
    It was so nice meeting you this morning. I can’t wait to read your new book “Third Base” and also the “Florida Fiction Box Set” I ordered. Heard so many wonderful things about you and it was a true pleasure meeting you and chatting for a bit this morning..
    I can’t wait to read your books… Was my lucky day, cause I was looking for a new author to read and I found one today..
    Thanks again..
    Debbie Malobisky

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    • Debbie, how wonderful to meet you, too. I certainly hope you enjoy my books. I’ve ordered them all and should have them at Body Buzz either next Friday or Monday, July 27. Sometimes they are slow to get them sent! I shouldn’t have packed all of them away in storage!
      See you at Body Buzz soon. Pat


  6. Hi, I ordered Native Lands from one of those free book sites, and not realizing they were stand alone books, bought the first two to read them in order. I found them particularly interesting, since I have two sons who live in Florida, and one is a wildlife biologist. Imagine my surprise as I finished up Native Lands while on the plane after visiting them in Florida and read your acknowledgements. You listed your address as Raccoon Twp. and I was on my way home to Aliquippa!


    • Hi Susan, thanks for contacting me. I hope it was a free deal on Amazon (otherwise it’s a pirated copy!) but nonetheless I’m pleased you enjoyed reading the books. I lived in Raccoon Twp (Aliquippa) for five years. We moved away in 2016 but still come back to visit family and friends. Good to hear from you!


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