Author Wednesday – Victoria Adams


Welcome to Author Wednesday. Today I welcome Victoria Adams who writes contemporary romance and New Adult (NA) contemporary romance. Her Circles Trilogy includes Dancing in Circles, Circles Divided, and Circles Interlocked.


Welcome, Victoria. I’m always intrigued by author voice and when authors know when they’ve established one. What about you? When did you first discover your voice as a writer?

I don’t know that I have. I think there is still an evolution going on.

Writing is an evolutionary process all on its own. What are your writing rituals?

After my morning rituals are done, mostly involving feeding the cats and then letting them in and out and in and out, I settle down on my laptop. My location changes depending on weather. Cold winter, I’ll be snuggled near the wood stove. Hot summer – I’ll be in the gazebo. I check emails, twitter, do Triberr aprrovals, check Facebook – get off Facebook – then answer the important emails. When the clutter is out of the way, I can settle down to write, or edit or do a critique, whichever is on my agenda for the day.

Sounds as if we have similar rituals. I’m interested in the trilogy you’ve written. Do all the books in the series have a common theme or thread?

Circles Trilogy has the thread of social prejudice vs. love running through it. Robert runs with a gang. Julie is a the daughter of a judge. The trilogy follows their struggle with that prejudice and how it shapes the love their share.

Are you planning to continue writing in the same genre?

It seems I was writing in the NA genre before it existed. New Adult is the genre between Young Adult and Adult. (Not adult in the sense of erotic, just grown up) The next book I am currently doing edits on is also NA. So, yes, I will visit this genre for a while.

Is the book traditionally or self-published? Why did you choose one over the other?

I’m an Indie Author. I chose this because I don’t fit well into boxes. I have found the rules of romance rather constricting. I wish to write in view point different from what other authors choose to write in. I had numerous critiques scolding me for this, but I stood fast. It’s my book. My choice.

Explain how this book was conceived in your imagination.

I taught high school for a very long time. One of students complained that there was nothing for her to read – this was pre-Twilight. So, I wrote a book for her. Dancing in Circles was that book.

That’s wonderful, Victoria. What type of research did you do in the writing of this trilogy?

I watched my students. I watched the teenagers in the halls. I listened to their speech patterns. Watched how they interacted. What did they focus on.

What book are you reading right now?

I’m reading Ellis Peters – A Sanctuary Sparrow. It is an older book, and is based in the 1100s. The hero is a monk.

Thanks so much for the chance to visit your blog, Patricia.

Thank you, Victoria. I enjoyed getting to know one of my fellow Indie Authors a little bit better.

About Victoria:  Victoria Adams lives in Canada. She’s traveled from coast to coast, spending most of her life living near the U.S. border. When visiting the West Coast, she went whale watching and had the joy of photographing a pod of Orcas. On the East Coast, she spent an afternoon high on a cliff, watching an iceberg drift by. She wants to travel to the high Arctic and experience the midnight sun. In the summer, Victoria ignores her laptop and spends hours tending her flower beds and vegetable garden. Last year, she and her husband planted two peach trees into her small, but growing orchard. Victoria loves to hear from fans.


Links to books

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20 responses to “Author Wednesday – Victoria Adams”

  1. Great interview! I think this is one of the few I’ve seen where the interviewer commented on the guest’s answers and followed up with the next question. Great job you two!


  2. Good interview- I think it’s wonderful that Victoria saw a need – thanks to her student’s comment and decided she would fill it. I also think it’s great she’s writing NA because it’s clearly a field she knows well from her years of teaching school. I have the Circles Trilogy on my Kindle and haven’t had a chance to read them yet but I am looking forward to them.


  3. Next time you travel to the west coast, let me know. My husband has a boat. We will happily take you out whale watching!!!

    Love your books. Love your reasons for going self pubbed.


  4. I’m behind in reading blog posts, PC and I’ve definitely missed your Author Wednesdays!

    Victoria sounds very interesting as does her work, and hey..I’m partial to Canada…what can I say?! ;0)


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