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Welcome to Author Wednesday. Today I interview Stone Spicer, author of Deep Green, a novel of intrigue, romance, and suspense set in Hawaii. I must make a disclosure: While Stone and I have never met in person, we do share a familial relationship. His son is married to my youngest niece, Joanne. He’s also the grandfather to my two great-nephews, one of whom is working on his first novel. deep green cover

I’m so pleased you stopped by today, Stone. I’ve heard many wonderful things about you over the years, but I never knew until recently you were a writer. Please tell us about your vision of yourself as a writer.

Because of the perceived success of this first novel and all the wonderful comments made by friends on how easy and enjoyable it is to read, a passion has evolved to take Deep Green’s characters into several future novels (the next, Hidden, is 20 percent completed). A ‘monster’ has been created within me to write, and I am thrilled each day as my characters continually reveal more of themselves as they walk into their own futures in story.

It certainly is a wonderful feeling. What’s the best thing said about one of your books by a reviewer.

“Very well written, good story line, fast moving and loaded with suspense.” Don B., Five-star review on

That’s a great review. How did you choose the title? Has it been the title from the very beginning?

Olivine, the semi-precious gem stone, has always fascinated me. Hawaii’s lava has an abundance of olivine, mostly a size needing tweezers to pick-up. I began wondering what a very large piece would look like and imagined it to be crystal clear and deep green in color. Such a piece became the focal point of my story.

How long do you estimate it took you to take the book from idea to published?

My novel is the product of fifteen years of time but only during the last six of those years did I become serious about its possibility. Up until that point, I had simply been connecting real-life experiences in memoir fashion.

That’s not so unusual for a first novel. I think mine languished for ten years in a file cabinet drawer, but once I let it out, I never stopped writing. What is the best thing someone could say about this book?

The best comment I could hear and have heard was, “I really enjoyed reading it.” Second to that, which I’ve also heard said was, “I can’t wait to read Stone’s next novel.”

It’s so good to hear those words. Who or what is the antagonist in your book?

The antagonists, plural, are a pair of seedy, cocktail-oriented, middle-aged wealthy playboys who are ‘gofers’ for a black market operator working out of Seattle. I thoroughly enjoyed a vicarious relationship with these two as I allowed a darker side of me to play.

It gives us writers a chance to be bad without getting in trouble. Without giving us a spoiler, tell us a little bit about your favorite scene in this book.

To say which scene is my favorite would be to discount all the others: to feel a brand new yacht vibrating beneath your feet; re-living places I brought into each part of the book, actual places etched into memory, places walked a thousand times.

A ‘witness’ entering the story in chapter forty-one, Leilani Davis by name, is the part I had the most fun with. In a story telling session I sat in on several years ago, one introverted older woman found she could not say the word bathroom in public so instead called it the place where you did your necessary. I enjoyed working that into being a part of Ms. Davis. Her dog, Ishi, a very tiny dog doing his ‘necessary’.

That’s cute. I think it’s better than ‘going to powder my nose.’ Where do you write?

I find it difficult to write in seclusion, always wondering what was going on outside beyond the walls. Certain coffee shops have become my writing desk. I can block out exterior noises and feel comfortable being out among people busy doing their thing.

I sometimes find that’s a good way to overcome writer’s block. I’m always amazed how I can shut it all out and write. Stone, I enjoyed having you stop by today. Maybe one of these days we’ll meet in person.


About Stone Spicer: Stone spent his early years living in various cities across Canada, United States and
eventually Melbourne, Australia. In 1960, a teenager on his own, he moved to Hawaii and adopted it as home. There he gained a university degree, raised his family, and enjoyed a successful thirty-year career
in the printing industry in Honolulu. Life changes eventually brought him to Port Townsend, Washington.

Along with writing, he is an avid hiker and outdoor adventurer. Stone has two sons and six grandchildren.



Deep Green on Amazon

Deep Green on Barnes & Noble

YouTube video for Deep Green

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