New Release from Michele Shriver – Leap of Faith

I’m happy to announce a new book by one of my favorite Indie Authors, Michele Shriver. I read and reviewed After Ten and just finished Finding Forever. They’re both wonderful reads and can’t wait to delve into Leap of Faith.

Author Michele Shriver presents a story of healing and second chances.

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Single mother Tracey Hiatt prides herself on having a close relationship with her daughter- the kind of relationship she’s always wanted, but never had, with her own mother.

When her mother suffers a debilitating illness and faces a lengthy recovery, family takes on a whole new meaning for Tracey as she finds herself pulled back to her ex, Steve Eldridge. There’s only one problem: he’s involved with someone else.

Steve is drawn back into Tracey’s family drama and after her mother awakens from a coma believing he and Tracey are married, the two are forced to confront some fundamental questions about their relationship.

Can they put past hurts behind them and take a leap of faith into a new future together?

Available now:


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