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cropped-typewriter.jpgWelcome to Author Wednesday. Eva Gordon stops by today for an interview about her novella series, Alpha Wolf’s Pet, which she describes as a “werewolf paranormal romance series.” The genre sounds intriguing and filled with something for many readers. 



Hello, Eva. I’m happy you’re here today to talk about your novella series. First, let’s talk about your life as a writer. When did you first discover your voice?

While I was teaching high school biology and discovered my students enjoyed my ‘made-up’ stories.

I started my writing career while a high school English teacher, so I understand how that happens. What about writing rituals? Do you have any?

Walk the dog, make the coffee, turn on my laptop and choose my music for that particular book or scene.

You’re working on a series, so I’m curious if all your books have a common theme or thread.  

Hmm.  Good question. The enduring theme in all my books, no matter the setting, circumstances, and genre, the theme happens to be a strong romance and happily ever after.

Nothing wrong with that at all! Your genre spans several areas. Do you plan on writing in the same genre?

Yes. I write paranormal romance, but also steampunk, fantasy, historical, and in the near future, will venture into science fiction (not romance).

That will be a good challenge. I like to change things up as a writer. I think it’s good to explore. What’s the best thing said about one of your books by a reviewer?

The best thing a reviewer has said about all my books is their desire to read the next.

I like to hear that, too. We all get them at some point in our writing career, but the bad review is never easy to take, especially for writers new to the publishing experience. What advice can you give to other writers about receiving a bad review?

Don’t sweat it. Not everybody loves coffee, in fact, some people hate coffee. Do you give up making coffee? No, but you might make it stronger.

Good advice to remember. I’m going to use that! Tell us about your new series.

It’s part of a novella series, which follows Mia’s relationship with alpha werewolf Dominic.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00065] Book 2, Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Kept was just released and Book 3, Alpha’s Pet, Hunted will be released Winter 2015. Then I plan a spinoff from the series. I love all things wolf and werewolf. This last summer I did a workshop on Wolf/Werewolf Lore and just love creating stories with werewolves. In this new series, the werewolves are born wolf and are turned into a human once bitten, by yes, a human.  A man bites dog book.

What type of research did you do in the writing of this series?

My background is in zoology, and I’ve always had a soft spot for real wolves. I even once volunteered at a wolf sanctuary and currently do workshops on wolf and werewolf lore. My werewolf myth bookshelf is huge.

I’d love to take one of your workshops, just for personal interest. Please share your blurb for the first two books in the series that are published.

fb reveal - Alpha Wolf Pet book 1Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Hidden Book 1 – Mia’s testimony against Russian mobsters forced her to enter the witness protection program. She is relocated to a quaint cottage in Wolf Woods, near Mt. Rainier, far from everyone and everything she loved and cared for. All is calm, until she meets Dominic, the gorgeous ruggedly handsome owner of the mysterious Wolfe Estate. He is all alpha male, domineering, and controlling. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a sexy control freak. Will hidden danger keep them from gratifying their burning passion?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00065]Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Kept, Book 2 – In the sequel to Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Hidden, Mia has two choices: remain hidden, frightened by the Russian mob determined to murder her, or become a sworn member and under the protection of Dominic’s werewolf pack. Dominic is torn.He loves her, but his pack rules will never allow him to claim a human as his mate. Worse, he’s drawn to Mia’s addictive blood. Was one taste too much?

What else do you want readers to know about your series?

I plan to continue the series with characters introduced in Book 3, Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Hunted.

Tell us about your other books.

I have two in the After the Bane series, Apocalyptic Moon (selected as one of Best Kindle Books for 2014.) and book 2 Raven Moon. A paranormal historical, Lycan Gladiator in the Wolf Maiden Saga and Book 1 in my steampunk series, Hand of Miriam, A Bayla and the Golem Novel. My agent is working on getting my historical and steampunk series sold. I’m also getting ready to re-release my epic fantasy, The Stone of the Tenth Realm.

If a movie was made about your success as a writer, who would play you?

Minnie Driver, but without the British accent.

Good choice! I’m so glad you stopped by today, Eva. You are prolific, and I wish the great success with the new series.

Eva at StonehengeAbout Eva: Eva Gordon writes genre bending paranormal/fantasy/steampunk and historical novels with a strong romantic element. She loves to create stories that combine her passion for mythology, steamy romance, and action/suspense. Her imagination takes her from one universe to the next. Thus far, she has several series lined up as well as single titles waiting in line for production.

Eva has a BS in Zoology and graduate studies in Biology. When not in her den writing, she can be found teaching animal lore at writing conventions, at work at the raptor rehabilitation center, wolf sanctuaries, or to satisfy her inner Hemingway, on some global eco adventure.

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