cropped-typewriter.jpgAuthor Wednesday returns in the fall, beginning September 9, but I need authors to fill the slots. Right now, I’m scheduling through the end of the year.

I welcome interviews and guest posts about your latest work. If you have a new release or a novel to promote, please contact me. If I think you’d be a good fit for my blog and my followers, then I will schedule you for an upcoming Wednesday. Please leave me a comment or fill out the contact form on the website.

If you’ve been featured on Author Wednesday before, I’m still happy to host you again, if you have something new to tell us.

I love doing this feature on my website because I’ve met so many wonderful folks, and in turn, I’m told that I’ve introduced others to new writers. It’s a great win/win for everyone. I only ask that you share the post with your followers on social media and that you stop by to comment on the post.

Third Base_low resolution for webIt’s been a productive summer for me. I published Third Base, a baseball romance, which is one of ten novels in the Score One for Love box set now available at all major retailers. This past week, I finished Minty’s Kiss, a sweet romance featuring an equally sweet kitty. It’s featured in the box set Christmas Pets and Kisses now available for pre-order. Now I’m diligently at work on Behind the Curtain, the third book in the Behind the Love series.

Score One for Love 3D








  1. Elaine, I’m delighted to have you do both of your suggestions, spaced out by a few months. I think this cruise sounds exciting and intriguing, so perhaps you could do something in November for that. Please send me an email at, and I’ll schedule the first post about writing amidst chaos – one of my favorite topics. And sorry about the shingles! I’ve heard it’s terrible, but glad you’re on the mend.

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  2. Hi! I’m a member of enovel and would love to be included around the November timeframe if my books are a fit. I write the Darcy Walker Series which falls in the YA mystery, thriller, humor categories. Darcy is a tomboy at heart and has a habit of stumbling upon dead bodies and solving the mystery 🙂 Thanks for the consideration!

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    1. Hi P.C.Zick. I think I’m one of the two Lorna’s hinting at. I couldn’t find the contact link so if you can tell me how to find it of get in touch with you I’ll head over. You look very familiar and I’m sure our paths have crossed before. I’m looking forward to connecting with you. Paulette 🙂

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      1. You’re Paulette? I was trying to figure that out. I’ll look at schedule. It could be December. Yes, I’m sure we know one another through ASMSG or Christoph or any number of other online groups. Nice to meet officially!

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  3. Pat, I would be most appreciative to get the second book in my two book novel, Accidents of Birth, reviewed this fall. We did the first book back in March, I believe. Let me know if that works for you and when you’d like to do it. Earlier is better than later as our busy season begins to roar in October.

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    1. Hi, spots filled up quickly so I don’t have anything available until December for Author Wednesday. I’m behind on my reviews and can’t remember where we left this! Sorry, it’s been a hectic few months. Can you send me link to the books via email please?


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