Here in Pittsburgh it’s difficult not to be a sports fan especially right now. Baseball teams vie to play in the play offs with the World Series lurking. Football started two weeks ago and already Super Bowl contenders race to win a ring. And if that’s not enough, the hockey season is about to start. Whew.

To escape the competition of your favorite teams for a few minutes this season, why not slip between the pages of a great box set of romantic, steamy stories – all with a sports’ theme, hunky heroes, and delicious relationships?

Score One For Love – Ten Stories for only $0.99.

Download your copy today!

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Here are the stories grouped by the sports.


Loved by the Linebacker Lyssa LayneLoved by the Lineback by Lyssa Layne – “Love Lyssa’s books. Love this story.” Amazon review

Blurb: When sports agent Camila Lemos and linebacker Evan Purser meet, anything but sparks fly. When the walls are broken down, will a touchdown be scored or will it be yet another fumble for both?

Michele- Playing for KeepsHockey
Playing for Keeps by Michele Shriver – “This is such an awesome book! Another great one to read by Michele Shriver.” Amazon review

Blurb: Hockey star Colton Tremblay’s bad-boy reputation got him traded from Montreal to the expansion San Antonio Generals. As a female reporter, Maya Dominguez can’t afford distractions from the players she’s assigned to report on, but Colton is used to getting what he wants. Can he persuade Maya that this time, he is playing for keeps?

Third Base_KindleBaseball
Third Base by P.C. Zick – “A great beach read, rainy day read. . .or anytime or place read.” Amazon review

Blurb: Baseball star Tomas Vegas puts all his energy into winning the World Series, until he meets the widow Adriana Moretti. His supermodel ex-girlfriend and Adriana’s tightly-knit Italian family threaten them, but the more they’re pulled apart, the more they silently yearn to be together.

Monochrome image of torso and ball

Played by Love by Rachelle Ayala – “A great tale of love, sex, and betrayal.” Amazon review

Blurb: Soccer goalkeeper, Jaden Sloup, has his eye on Ella Kennedy, a woman who won’t date jocks or frat boys. When Ella discovers his ruse, she runs into bullies who force Jaden to fight and prove that jocks and frat boys can be good guys too.

Flawed by Jade KerrionBeach Volleyball
Flawed by Jade Kerrion – “An awesome read filled with angst, heartache, passion, and a deep love.” Amazon review

Blurb: When burned-out actress Ariel Falconer meets professional beach volleyball player, Jake Hunter, their mutual attraction is immediate and scorching, but neither is ready for the emotional complications of false impressions and clashing expectations. Can Ariel and Jake escape unscathed, or will their conflict shatter their dreams and the promise of love?

An Unforgettable Lesson final_edited-1Golf
An Unforgettable Lesson by Abbie St. Claire – “The sparks fly in this one. And the banter is fun. You can’t help but smile.” Amazon review

Blurb: Huck Tyson hates golf. Period. When it’s suggested that he learn to play for his day job’s camaraderie, he’s less than welcoming of the idea, although desperate to advance his career. Amelia Berringer, the club’s only golf pro, doesn’t expect her student to be quite so negative and meets Huck’s sarcasm with a snarky bite of her own. However, neither of them expect romance to rise from the greens.

9 Chantel Rhondeau -Serving Up LoveTennis
Serving Up Love by Chantel Rhondeau – “This is a wonderful story about what can happen when the boundaries of professionalism are blurred.” Amazon review

Blurb: Melanie Rush has a huge crush on her coach, Ethan Patterson. He has strict rules against relationships within his tennis program, but Melanie wants to break them all. She’s determined to make Ethan hers, no matter what it takes.

Marcia James RacingHeartsStock Car Racing
Racing Hearts by Marcia James – “Racing Hearts definitely filled a void in my life. It was JUST what I needed!!” Amazon review

Blurb: Stock car legend, Tom “Torque” Tyler, faces a bleak future following a traumatic head injury and seizures. Determined to drag her high-school crush from his self-imposed solitude, service dog trainer, Meg Klein, and a tiny but talented seizure response dog bring Tom hope and love.

FindingtheStrengthMartial Arts
Finding the Strength by Stacy Eaton – “A crisp and engaging read, and one I easily finished in one sitting.” Amazon review

Blurb: The night Tayla Adams is attacked, Third Degree Black Belt, Cam Giles steps in and stops the violent man. Little did Tayla know that when she takes a self-defense class she will come face to face with her knight in shining armor, but can Tayla learn to defend herself, and gain enough confidence to protect the two of them when the time unexpectedly comes?

Body Lock Kimmie EasleyMixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Body Lock by Kimmie Easley – “Seriously awesome book, combining a heady emotionally heart-stopping story with serious hotness!.” Amazon review

Blurb: After the violent death of her fiancé, Dakota Asher finds herself with a new desire to tempt fate as an adrenaline junkie. MMA coach, Ford Herveaux specializes in adrenaline. Dakota now specializes in Ford.


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