How many times in the past two months have I said, I just can’t do it? Plenty–but those moments of doubt lasted brief seconds, and I’d go right back at it.

And today the sixth book in the Rivals in Love sweet contemporary romance series, Love on Stage, releases. To me, the novel’s publication translates into four books written in 2019. I have ten days left to finish the seventh book, which will bring the total to five.

“Whew,” she said as she wiped her brow. Oops, I’m writing my first person account in fictional narrative form.

There won’t be any other completed books in 2019. I’m taking the month of December to relax and think about my next big project. I never say never, but I don’t plan on writing that many books in 2020. The next book, tentatively titled Four Women and a Man,  is a forty-year saga with four main characters who have known each other since college, and the novel will be a careful examination of their intersecting lives. It all begins with the death of one of those main characters. I wrote a rough outline (despite being a pantster in general) in 2018, but then life and work interrupted any further creation.

But enough of that. I have to get back to Love on Holiday, Book Seven. Finally, the parents of the Crandall clan tell their story as their fortieth wedding anniversary approaches.


Love on Stage 

An actress intent on finding her place in the theater after leaving Hollywood. A fire fighter reeling from a bitter divorce. When she inherits money to open her own playhouse, the inspection ignites love at first sight.

Available on Kindle and in paperback.

“There’s really only one way a book family becomes so real, and that’s through good writing. And that’s what PC Zick offers. Her characters don’t just plop onto the page; they continue to develop through the series, and this, the sixth in the series, doesn’t disappoint.” ~Anne Donaldson, Amazon Review

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